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Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups by Andrew Joyce

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Vampires Don't Drink Blue Blood (Paranormal Detectives Series Prequel) by Lily Luchesi

In 1988, Angelica Cross worked with a mortal detective to take down a werewolf pack who were feeding on children at a local school playground.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi

Lexi's recovery from having her teeth extracted is progressing nicely. Mike and I took her to Miss Ashley for grooming and the pictures of her above were taken on the way home from her grooming appointment. As you can see, I often deal with varying degrees of cooperation, ranging from very uncooperative to tolerant cooperation, when I am taking her picture.

Control Freakz by Michael Evans

Alone. Abandoned. Threatened. Natalie has lost all hope for a better future. Everything she’s known and everyone she’s ever loved is gone, and it’s up to her to get her old life back. In Michael Evans’s first novel, Control Freakz, Natalie’s journey toward a better life begins.

The Coven Princess by Lily Luchesi

Your blood does not define you.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi

In case you missed the news on social media... Between my tax return and the contributions that Tricia Copeland and Lily Luchesi made to Lexi's fundraiser, I was able to get Lexi's teeth extracted!


If you've stopped by here recently, you've seen some of the changes we've made to the blog. Some of the changes are immediately noticeable, like the new template, and some of them aren't. In this post, I plan on walking you through some of these changes and let you know why we made them.