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FreeFormed Hybrids by Joe Vizanko

Monday, June 1, 2015
Humanity discovers that we are not alone in the universe...

A defunct rover on the surface of Mars is mysteriously powered up, and transmits an interesting and disturbing picture back to the JPL on Earth; a picture of a human. The picture is initially dismissed as a hoax; until the rover is returned to the JPL by the human in the picture, Joe.

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Joe shares that he is not an alien in human form; he is a freeformed human, a human whose emotional centers were allowed to develop. Joe reveals that humans were created by an alien species by combining the genetic material of other humanoid species, and that there are several planets in the galaxy that are inhabited by other human beings; however, the majority of those humans are “dampened,” a process in which growth of the emotional centers is inhibited to prevent humanity on these other planets from destroying itself.

This process of  "dampening" has a major flaw; dampened humans have lower IQs, and they rely heavily on technology that they are unable to maintain, or repair. Also, dampened and un-dampened humans on these colonies use alien technology to cheat death. With many lives to live, both dampened and un-dampened humans lead lives without purpose; which leads to excessive drug use and hedonism. 

Realizing that human life on these colonies is following a path that will lead to self-destruction, Joe decides to approach humans on Earth in an attempt to save humanity on these colonies from themselves. However, the threat of destruction does not merely come from within; the colonies, and possibly Earth, face an outside foe that must be dealt with in order to save all of mankind. 

FreeFormed Hybrids by Joe Vizanko is a refreshing and interesting take on the idea of human life on other planets, and mankind's origin. I think that Joe Vizanko's writing style is comparable to Ray Bradbury, or Robert Heinlein. The book is thought-provoking, philosophical, challenges our beliefs regarding our origins, and provides insight on the human condition.

If you are a fan of Ray Bradbury, or Robert Heinlein, I definitely recommend FreeFormed Hybrids by Joe Vizanko! It's an awesome book, and you can download the ebook version of FreeFormed Hybrids for $0.99 from Amazon.

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