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Child of Shadows by Kathe Todd

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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Born into servitude, an outcast because of her heritage; Leila lives as a half-starved servant in the brothel her mother works in. Leila’s world falls apart when her mother contracts a deadly disease and dies. The madam of the brothel gives her two choices: take her mother’s place, or live on the streets.

Leila chooses the streets, and begins her new life as a thief. Starting as a thief that steals in order to survive, Leila becomes a rising star in the world of thievery in her city when she joins a guild of thieves; however, her contentment within the guild is short-lived.

Having escaped from the guild, Leila finds herself alone. Using the skills that she honed in the guild, Leila embarks on a journey to track down her father and find a place to settle down permanently.

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Child of Shadows by Kathe Todd is the first in The Shadow God Trilogy. It is an epic journey book; however, in spite of this, I had trouble putting Child of Shadows down. Kathe Todd has created an alternate reality that draws you in with a strong female protagonist, interesting sidekicks, and petty gods. For those of you that avoid books with sexual content in them, there is some sexual content that you may want to skip through.

I usually become a little bored with epic journey-type books, and skip a few pages; however, Kathe Todd keeps the journey interesting with just the right amount of action and humor. I found that I didn’t want to skip any pages and I am glad that I didn’t, because I would have missed some of the action and humor in the story.

I’m definitely going to buy the next two books in The Shadow God Trilogy to see what happens to Leila next.

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