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Church of Martyrs by Pete Fusco

Saturday, May 16, 2015
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Church of Martyrs is another Catholic Church conspiracy story....

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A new pope has ascended to power in the Vatican. This new pope abhors the wealth and power that the Church has amassed over the centuries saying that Christ was poor, that wealth and power lead to corruption, and that Church officials should live in poverty and humility. He is going as far as to demand that the Church sell many of its artifacts and treasures to museums, and open its coffers to the poor.

Eddie, an ex-Catholic priest that has opened a women’s shelter in his long-abandoned church, unwittingly finds himself targeted by a ring of assassins that was created by the Vatican during the Crusades. For reasons that he has yet to understand, he is saved from an untimely demise by the controversial statues of martyrs that have terrified and disgusted the parishioners for decades.

Eddie’s twin brother, priest, and Vatican bank employee has died. The Vatican’s security force claims that Donnie’s death was caused by accidental poisoning; however, Eddie believes that there is something “fishy” about the security force’s claims.

As Eddie searches for the reason behind the Vatican’s hit on him, the miracle of the statues, and the death of his brother; he finds himself an unwilling participant in the efforts to cleanse the Church of its corruption, and save the pope.

Church of Martyrs is yet another conspiracy-theory fictional novel about the lies and corruption within the Catholic Church. While the supernatural aspect of the statues coming to life is original; the ex-priest, the childhood-friend-turned-cop, the relationship with a woman, and the penitent assassin are not original elements in this particular genre. I found the storyline to be somewhat predictable. I knew a lot of what was going to happen before it happened, and only read the book in its entirety to confirm my predictions.

If you want to read Church of Martyrs, it costs $2.99 to download a digital copy on Amazon, or you can pick up a paperback copy of it for $11.95 on, or B&N

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