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Dark Shadow of Babylon by Julian Speed

Friday, May 22, 2015
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The story begins in 61 A.D.; the Romans have driven the Druids and their queen, Ginessa, back to the Druids' enclave on the isle of Novareth in the name of Pax Romana. The Celtic leader, Andringael greets them on the beach of Novareth and calls upon his gods to curse the Romans so that none of them may leave the isle alive. What neither party knows is that an ancient evil is on the isle that day, and that this dark figure is waiting to offer the Druids an opportunity to make good on Andringael's promise.

What this dark figure, Thaddeus, offers is simple: a chance for the Druids to exact revenge against the invading Roman forces that will destroy them and immortality in exchange for helping Thaddeus bring down heaven. All of the Druids spurn this evil proposition, with the exception of Ginessa and another clansman. As Ginessa and the clansman make the transition from living to undead; the Druid enclave and its people are destroyed, and only a handful of Druids are spared. Ginessa and the clansman make the transition, and the three undead creatures lay waste to most of the invading force; however, an angel intervenes on behalf of the remaining soldiers, and contains the three undead creatures. The angel charges three of the survivors, two Roman soldiers and a Druid female, to hide the undead creatures away from the world.

For centuries the three remained contained until a professor and his students inadvertently started a chain of events that unleashed this ancient evil upon an unsuspecting modern world. Three of his students find themselves drawn into a battle with this ancient evil. Can they destroy this ancient evil, or will it succeed in starting a war with heaven that will destroy both heaven and earth?

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I found Dark Shadow of Babylon by Julian Speed to be a tough read in the beginning. While I appreciated the back story with the Roman invasion of Novareth, I think that this back story could have been revealed as the protagonists discovered the origins of this ancient evil. However, the story line picked back up after the three students discover why they were chosen to battle this ancient evil, and what they needed to find in order to destroy it.

The book has elements that make it an excellent paranormal story: ghouls, angels, demons, a vampire, astral projection, psychics, ghost hunters, and reincarnation. However, I don't think that all of those elements needed to be in one book. After a while, I lost track of where this story was going because of all of the different elements involved.

I was also a little confused by the ending that wasn't an ending. Is there going to be a sequel? Why continue the book past Chapter 29? The end of Chapter 29 would have been an excellent end point for the book while letting readers know that a sequel is in the works.

Despite my frustration with the book, I did enjoy reading it. However, I would advise that purchasers keep in mind that Dark Shadow of Babylon doesn't really seem to have an ending, or any indication that there is going to be a sequel.

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