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Fibles by M.R. Everette

Monday, May 4, 2015
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Aesop has some serious competition in M.R. Everette! Fibles is a modern-day approach to fables that will make bedtime storytelling fun and educational for both children and adults.

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My Thoughts

For children, the characters are easy to relate to, and the dilemmas the characters encounter resemble what modern-day children encounter; for instance, establishing a good nighttime and morning routine, or choosing to skip school. Each story clearly defines a dilemma that the characters face, introduces a character that handles the dilemma properly, views a different character that handles the situation poorly, and the outcomes for both characters. This approach allows children to see the consequences and rewards of the characters’ choices so that they can apply these morals to their everyday lives.

For adults, the author’s tongue-in-cheek definitions of modern technology terms, such as “steaming” or “ring tone,” will appeal to parents reading these stories to their children. Since the scenarios are relatable to today’s children, the stories give parents the opportunity to discuss the household-specific rewards and punishments for the behaviors demonstrated in the stories with their children. Finally, parents can reference specific stories and characters when helping their children with ethical dilemmas; for instance, “Remember what Ewe Wee did in this situation?”

Fables are meant to be educational and something that the whole family can enjoy. Not only did M.R. Everette accomplish this in Fibles, but he also managed to make the scenarios relevant to modern-day children in a fun and engaging way.

If you would like to grab a copy, Fibles is available for download on for $2.99.

Happy Reading!

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