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The Butterfly Room by Saurav Dutt

Saturday, May 23, 2015
ebook, The Butterfly Room, Saurav Dutt

A beautiful and heartbreaking story...

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Rohan is the family's patriarch. He owns a prosperous steel company that he is retiring from, collects butterflies to display in "The Butterfly Room," and rules his family with a steel fist; literally and metaphorically.

Lakshmi, Rohan's wife, acts as a protective buffer between Rohan and his children. She acts as her children's confidante, advisor, and advocate in order to protect them from Rohan's wrath. However, she has secrets of her own; her husband abuses her, and she regularly visits a support group for victims of domestic violence.

Vikram, the only son and unwilling heir apparent to his father's steel business, despises and fears his father. He has a secret of his own that he is struggling to keep from his family because he knows that revealing this secret will provoke Rohan's rage; which could lead to being disowned, or worse.

Anita, the oldest daughter, is rebellious and willful in Rohan's eyes. She is the wife of an adulterer; trapped in an abusive marriage that her parents insist that she remain in for the sake of her son, and the family's honor.

Sunita, apple of Rohan's eye and the youngest daughter, is resisting becoming like Anita; a victim of an arranged marriage. Her parents want her to marry a good, Brahmin man; however, she is involved with an Englishman, and wants a relationship that is not based on lies and fear.

The Butterfly Room by Saurav Dutt is a beautifully written and heartbreaking story about the cycle and consequences of domestic violence. Saurav Dutt delves into the minds of the victims of domestic abuse to give readers a glimpse of the cycle of fear, hope, anger, and despondency that is present in abusive families. The story takes readers on a journey that ultimately leads to tragedy and freedom.

I am giving this book such a high rating because it is the best fictional book on the topic of domestic abuse that I have read. Saurav Dutt's writing is insightful and realistic; his writing delves into the cycle of abuse and the overwhelming need for more support of LGBT rights in Asian cultures.

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to support such a fine work of literature and two worthy causes.

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