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May I Sit On Your Towel? A Joint Autobiography by Edward and Elizabeth Morris

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
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May I Sit On Your Towel? A Joint Autobiography by Edward and Elizabeth Morris takes readers through decades of U.S. history as the couple takes turns narrating the events of their lives.

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Elizabeth and Edward's experiences range from doing their part during the Great Depression when they were younger to modern times. Whether moving from one house to another, sailing around the world with their children, or just working to support their family; the couple manages to keep their readers engaged with enlightening nuggets of wisdom presented in a down-to-earth manner.

I enjoyed reading their perspectives of historical events, watching as new adventures unfolded for their family, and learning about how they coped with the difficult situations that they faced. The couple's resilience and grace in some really tough situations is laudable and gave me some insight on how to deal with tough situations in my life.

While some may say that they lived in simpler times, there are some truly timeless bits of advice to be found in the book for those that are open to them. The couple demonstrates to readers that with a bit of ingenuity, some common sense, and a lot of persistence; we can live the lives that we want. They took what they learned from the Great Depression and applied those principles to their modern lives; I'm still not sure how they managed to do so much, but they did.

Some readers may be thrown off by Edward's train of thought, he sometimes goes off on tangents; however, I thought that these asides made the narrative more real to me than an over-edited narrative. I was also entertained by Edward's advice to budding lawyers. He certainly demonstrates that the law is not black and white, and uses his quick wits to help his clients out of some sticky legal situations.

If you are looking for a quick read, you will probably want to wait until you have more time to devote to the book as it is a bit long; however, it is such a great read that I have no problems re-reading it to see if there are any parts that I may have read through too quickly. Also, the book is appropriate to share with the whole family. Actually, it begs to be read to children before bedtime since the couple is adept at setting up an adventure before it happens; which creates good cut-off points for bedtime reading.

Edward and Elizabeth Morris, autobiography, nonfiction, On My KindleMay I Sit On Your Towel? A Joint Autobiography by Edward and Elizabeth Morris is a witty and charming addition to my eBook library.

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