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The Blonde With Half a Face by W.J. Reeves

Sunday, June 14, 2015
W.J. Reeves, noir, fiction, ebook, book, On My Kindle

An "A" college student by day, drug pusher by night...

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Candy has the whole package: beauty, brains, street smarts, and a kick-butt-take-names attitude towards life and driving. When she's not dazzling her chemistry professor, Bucceroni, with her brilliance, she's using his lab to cook up drugs for her business.

Life was good for Candy, until she realized that Bucceroni was onto her. She and her business partners decide that Bucceroni needs to be taken out, but she backs out at the last minute; she realizes later on that this may have been a bad decision when Bucceroni shows up at her front door.

Bucceroni, widower and chemistry professor, sees potential in Candy. He knows that she's using his lab to cook up drugs. He is outraged by it, but he thinks that she can be saved. He shows up at her front door at night, kicks her two business partners out of the house, stuffs her in his car, and drives her to rehab. Once she gets cleaned up, he takes her under his wing to help her earn the bright future that she has in store for her at the university.

What happens next is something that neither one of them could have anticipated...

After two years of living straight, Candy comes home after a day at the lab to find her two former business associates waiting for her. From their point of view she abandoned them, and they are looking for payback. After exacting their revenge and leaving her disfigured, Candy must rely on her brains and street smarts to help Bucceroni uncover some back-alley deals going on at the university that have resulted in the deaths of both students and faculty members.

Reeves does a really good job of developing the characters in this book; they are cynical and real. The backdrop for this story is the rough side of Brooklyn; perfect for a noir novel, and I found myself immersed in the story. I loved Candy as a protagonist with her kick-butt-take-names attitude. Reeeves made her believable, real, and strong; the perfect combination for a female protagonist.

This is a noir novel; it is dark, and it contains profanity and violence. This is not a happy, light-hearted book with a fairy tale ending; happy endings are temporary, and then something else goes down. If you want something with a happy ending, find another book; however, if you are looking for no-nonsense, not-going-down-without-a-fight characters, in a realistic setting, then you want to add this book to your reading list.
W.J. Reeves, noir, fiction, book, ebook, On My Kindle
The Blonde With Half a Face by W.J. Reeves is available at: - $2.99 for eBook, $10.28 for paperback, $17.46 for audio
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