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On My Kindle is Changing

Thursday, July 9, 2015

On My Kindle has made a few changes that I wanted to make you aware of.


If you have been following On My Kindle for the past couple of months, you have likely noticed that I changed the overall look of the blog. I did that for a couple of reasons:
  1. The blog's former appearance did not match the Kindle theme. I decided to redesign the blog to resemble a Kindle eBook page.
  2. The blog design took forever to load on slower internet connections, and I wanted to speed the loading time up a bit.


If you look at some of On My Kindle's past posts, you will see that I had a disclosure for Skimlinks:
This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a commission for any items that you purchase when you follow these links.

On My Kindle was part of an affiliate program called Skimlinks. In other words, I allowed Skimlinks to post ads on my blog; in return for this, Skimlinks promised to pay On My Kindle a commission when readers clicked on the ads and purchased items. It has recently come to my attention that Skimlinks has not been tracking these clicks accurately; this leads me to assume that Skimlinks has not been tracking purchases accurately, and I have not received a commission for any sales.

From this point forward, I will no longer be participating in Skimlinks' affiliate program. The links in my previous posts are still affiliate links, and I may receive a commission on purchases you make when you follow those links; which is why I kept the disclosure statement on my previous posts.

Readers will still be directed to merchants' websites to purchase books that I have reviewed: however, I will not receive a commission if readers choose to follow those links and make a purchase.


In reading my past posts, you may have also noticed the following disclosure statement: 
I have been compensated by Bookplex for an honest review of this book.
I used to read and review books for compensation, but I have decided not to continue doing this. Here's why:

1. I have grown quite fond of several folks in the indie authors community, and I wish to support them.

2. I don't see why authors feel that they need to pay for book reviews when there are plenty of book bloggers out there who are willing to write reviews in exchange for free books. These reviewers can be found on sites like Goodreads, The Book Blogger List, Book Blogger Directory, and Twitter (search #bookbloggers, #bookworm, #booknerd, #SupportIndieAuthors).

3. Writing book reviews for compensation violates Amazon's Terms of Service (ToS). Yes, even if the reviewer is honest, it is a violation of Amazon's ToS.

4. I understand that following your passion is really hard to do. It's even more difficult when you have to spend money that you don't have in order to have a one-in-a-million chance of profiting from your passion

5. I'm not encouraged to engage with the authors that I write reviews for on Bookplex. Sometimes that's a good thing, but it usually isn't since I normally enjoy the books that I choose to write reviews for.

6. I have spent days reading books that are 10,000 pages long and received $7 for reading and reviewing them. I am a faceless reviewer to most of the authors, and I don't get any feedback from the majority of them. It's like working in a big company for less than minimum wage.

Rating System

In some of my past posts, you will notice that I used a rating system. Since I review the books on Amazon, I felt that the rating system was redundant. Not only that, but I felt that the rating system was too subjective and inaccurate. If I based my decisions about buying a product or service based solely on a 1-5 scale, rather than the reviews, I would have missed out on a lot of good stuff.

If you absolutely must see how I rated a book on a 1-5 scale, follow the links that I provide to merchants' websites; I have to use the websites' rating scales in order to post a review on those websites.

I Love Reading

I decided to start reviewing books because I love reading, and I wanted to share my perspective about the books that I read with other readers. I saw an opportunity to work with indie authors, and I started this blog. While I would like to earn some income from doing what I love, I realized that there are a lot of good indie authors out there that need a break; just one, stinking break. If I can provide them with that break in exchange for a free book, I am satisfied.

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Thank you!