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Miranda's Rights by Lily Luchesi - Release Date & Excerpt

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

After reading and reviewing Stake-Out: Paranormal Detectives Book One by Lily Luchesi, I have been dying to see next installment in this fantastic paranormal series.

After waiting not-so-patiently, it is finally here! Miranda's Rights: Paranormal Detectives Book Two by Lily Luchesi is being released this Friday, January 8th.

I recently received a copy to review; I have not read it yet, but I wanted to announce the release date and encourage you to grab a copy of the book when it is released because I know this book will be as good (if not better) than the first!

Lily sent me an image of the cover and an excerpt to share with all of you. The cover looks awesome, and I am really excited about reading Miranda's Rights after reading the excerpt.

cover reveal, Miranda's Rights, Lily Luchesi


Danny and Miranda sat in uncomfortable silence for a few moments, processing everything they had heard and what Danny had seen, thanks to those damned powers of his. “Was it hard for you? Seeing it all firsthand?” Miranda asked.

He nodded. “It was intense. It was brutal and pitiful. If I had a choice, I would give up these powers forever. Angelica says they’re a blessing, but I say they’re a curse. You can’t possibly know what it’s like to have these visions. To be there, in the thick of it, watching it as it happens, knowing every evil thing said and thought. It’s like living a nightmare. Only one of my visions has ever been good.”

Miranda's Rights, Lily Luchesi, On My Kindle, teaser
Danny Mortal Teaser - Lily Luchesi
Miranda went and stood behind her former fiancĂ©, placing her cold hands on his shoulders and giving him a light squeeze. “If I could take your pain away, I would.”

“If you could, I’d pay you all the money Dad left me,” he replied.

Miranda was silent, contemplating. “I could do it, you know.”

“Do what?” he asked, turning around in the chair to face her.

“Make the powers go away. Make you not feel any of these pesky fears.” Her voice was nonchalant, but her eyes were sharp.

He could see that this had been a planned confrontation somehow, and he was wary. For wanting to be a lawyer, she could never hold her cards very close to her chest. That was why he’d never taught her to play poker.

“How?” He was a former cop. He could get anyone to admit anything and he planned to make Miranda spill her guts. He knew it would be easy. She had that smug look on her face he remembered from their dating years. That look meant she was ready to brag.

Her cool fingers traced along his throat, leaving behind an uncomfortable sensation.

“Let me turn you. You’ll lose your powers and fears, and then we could be together...forever.

Just you and me, like it was always meant to be.”
~ Description of Miranda's Rights by Lily Luchesi reprinted with permission ~

Miranda's Rights, Lily Luchesi, teaser
Angie's Fangs - Lily Luchesi

More Information

To find out more, and show your support for Lily:
To celebrate the release of Miranda's Rights on Friday, January 8th; Lily is hosting an event on Facebook. I plan on attending, and we hope to see you there too!