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Request Form Closed: Updated 2/9/16

Monday, January 11, 2016

Due to the high volume of requests (almost 30 in less than a week) to review books, On My Kindle is not accepting requests from new authors, unless you have been referred by an author that I have worked for in the past.

I am still accepting requests from authors that I have worked with in the past; just send me an email.

Updated on 2/9/16

I do not know when I will be able to accept requests again. If you are a new author, please consider submitting an article for my "Featured Titles" page

Please do not contact me with review requests; I have received many unsolicited requests after making it clear that I cannot accept requests from new authors. I will no longer respond to these unsolicited requests from new authors. 

I know how important book reviews are to indie authors and I am doing the best that I can without endangering my health; please respect this.

End of Update

I really appreciate all of the authors and my readers for continuing to support me; On My Kindle is still growing, and I am amazed by how many talented authors there are in the indie author community. 

Thank you!