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TBR List: Jan 12 to 18 Edition

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I have been browsing other book review blogs for some inspiration on what I can do to improve the readers' experience on On My Kindle. Many of the blogs that I looked at had some type of "To Be Read" list.

I think this is wonderful way to let the authors who are waiting for me to review their books know when I start reading their books while giving my other readers a sneak peek into the books that I will review during the upcoming week.

I plan on publishing a TBR post every Monday and posting reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will allow me to publish posts more frequently on the blog, and I will still have most Fridays to indulge in some "me time" while Kyle is at work; meaning that I will indulge in a day of marathon-type reading, or playing Civilization V or The Sims 3 on the Alienware Alpha console/mini-desktop that is hooked up to the new television that Kyle bought us for Christmas.

Enough about what I got for Christmas.... Here is a little bit about the books that I have finished reading, and will be reviewing soon:

To Be Reviewed

Here are books that I have finished reading and need to post reviews for:

Long and Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager by Lawrence Creatura is a non-fiction book that provides advice on investing. The author does not provide advice about what to invest in, but provides readers with insights to help them make educated decisions.

The Theory of Irony: How Jesus Led to Moon Golf by Erik Von Norden is a non-fiction book that discusses the military and political history of Western civilization. Pointing out the follies and foibles of military and political history, the author uses wit and sarcasm to guide readers through epic battles and victories.

To Be Read

I have been waiting anxiously for these two books to be released since I have already read and reviewed previous installments of these two series:

Oath Breaker is the third book in the Sons of Odin Series by Erin S. Riley. I reviewed the first two books in this series and I have been dying to know how Selia is faring. I am curious to see if she returns to the tempestuous berserker, Alric, or if she decides to stay with his brother. I will be finding out this week, but do not expect me to spoil the surprise for you when I review the book!

Last, but certainly not least, is the second book in the Paranormal Detectives Series by Lily Luchesi, Miranda's Rights. I reviewed the first book in the series, Stake-Out, and had the honor of being asked to take part in the pre-release festivities for Miranda's Rights. I can hardly wait to see what happened to Mancini after he left the PID, and what he is going to do now that he has to return to it.

It is going to be an exciting week for On My Kindle! I was given the opportunity to expand the non-fiction section of my blog, and I am looking forward to reading two books that I have been waiting a while for. 

Have a wonderful week!