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Updates to On My Kindle

Monday, January 4, 2016

With the new year well underway, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for following and supporting On My Kindle. I am surprised by how quickly On My Kindle has grown, and I am ecstatic to have had the opportunity to be introduced to so many talented indie authors.

During 2015, I learned a lot about webdesign and blogging. I realized that some of On My Kindle's pages and features needed to be updated, and I have made some changes that will hopefully bring On My Kindle up-to-date:

Navigation Menu

If you have visited On My Kindle's home page, you may have noticed that the menu bar has changed. I expanded the menu bar to include items that were inaccessible to readers on mobile devices because they were in the blog's sidebar. Now readers can access all of the pages on the website when using mobile devices.

Readers on mobile devices can now access the Request a Review form on their mobile devices; however, the functionality of the form on mobile devices will depend on the mobile device's size. For best results, I recommend completing the form using a tablet, desktop, or laptop device.

When I expanded On My Kindle's menu bar, I added a couple of pages to the site:
The Miscellany page will feature posts that are not book reviews, and On My Kindle's Privacy Policy now has a new, easy-to-find home on its own page.

Privacy Policy

On My Kindle's Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the fact that a feature that gathers general demographic information to generate reports in Google Analytics has been enabled. I did this because I am applying to affiliate programs and adding ads to On My Kindle, and I want to know which affiliates and ads are the best fit for the website.

To learn more about the information that is being gathered, please visit On My Kindle's Privacy Policy.

Affiliates and Ads

My goal for On My Kindle is to make it self-sustaining. When I started On My Kindle, I paid to use the domain for 2 years. I currently have 17 months before I will need to renew in order to keep the domain; otherwise, it will revert to I like the domain,, and I plan on renewing it; however, it would be nice if the site was generating some income that could offset the out-of-pocket expense of maintaining it.

To achieve this goal, I decided to re-evaluate my stance on affiliate programs. Since I live in Missouri, becoming an Amazon affiliate is not an option for me; however, I managed to find three indie-friendly and book-related affiliate programs to feature on On My Kindle:
  1. Smashwords
  2. Rakuten (specifically Kobo)
  3. AbeBooks
Smashwords is a great place for indie authors to publish and distribute their work. From what I hear, indie authors get a bigger cut from sales of their eBooks on Smashwords than they do on Amazon; which is why I am really excited to promote Smashwords on this blog.

Rakuten has a huge affiliate network that allows publishers (like me) to display ads for a ton of different retailers. I chose Rakuten so I could display ads for Kobo on the site. What I like about Kobo is that it is a huge eBook store that has its own line of eReaders, and it offers indie authors a means to publish and distribute their work. Like Smashwords, I hear that authors get a bigger cut from the sales of their work on Kobo than they do on Amazon. 

AbeBooks is an online book retailer that offers a huge variety of print books. I wanted to offer readers a way to get print books because my library consists of both print and eBooks. If I start a series in print, I tend to get the rest of the series in print; many of the people I know do this, and I do not want to exclude them. I decided on AbeBooks for two reasons: 
  • Its an alternative to Amazon or Barnes and Noble for print books because some of On My Kindle's followers dislike Amazon or B&N.
  • AbeBooks has many of the indie titles that I have reviewed on On My Kindle.
As you can see, the affiliates I chose offer books or book-related products and services; something that I was not able to do with my previous affiliate program, and I plan on keeping it that way.

I'm looking forward to meeting even more people this year, and reading some fantastic books!