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Featured Title: Democracy on the Edge, A Discussion of Political Issues in America by Terry A. AmRhein

Friday, February 12, 2016
Democracy on the Edge, Terry A. AmRhein, author, featured title, On My Kindle

Note from Charity, owner of On My Kindle

I have a confession to make. When Mr. AmRhein submitted Democracy on the Edge to be featured on On My Kindle, I was a little nervous because I did not know if the author would support his assertions. I went to his website in search of excerpts for his book; I not only found excerpts, but I found links to a couple of reviews.

Even though the reviewers did not entirely agree with him, they said he did his research; which made me wish that I had time to read his book. Since I do not have the time, I can do the next best thing and share the article that he wrote about his book, Democracy on the Edge:

Article by Terry A. AmRhein, Author

Democracy on the Edge, A Discussion of Political Issues in America presents the most important issues being discussed right now in the presidential campaign. What is unique is that the topics are all discussed in one book,

  • Wall Street Banks,
  • Dodd-Frank Act,
  • Campaign Finance,
  • Income Inequality,
  • Obamacare,
  • Single Payer Health Care,
  • "To large to fall",
  • Climate Change,
  • Glass-Steagall Act,
  • Debt and the Economy and
  • Gun Control.

Read the facts about what caused the financial crisis. Find out how you are paying for other people’s health care. Learn the limits placed on gun ownership by the Supreme Court. The discussion is not based on political opinions, each issue is presented using reliable and verifiable facts. But Democracy on the Edge, is not just a book of facts; each issue is presented with personal anecdotes and humorous quips that make the book a delight to read.

Buy it today at www.amrheinsbooks.comAmazon, Barnes and Noble or at your local book store.

More About the Author

Terry A. AmRhein, Democracy on the Edge, guest post, On My Kindle
Photo published with permission from Terry A. AmRhein
To find out more about Mr. AmRhein; visit his website to view his bio and read his blog, or find him on Goodreads and add Democracy on the Edge to your "Want to Read" list.