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TBR: Feb 16 - 23 Edition

Monday, February 15, 2016
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Dear readers, I feel the need to be straight with you; I have already finished reading three of the books on this week's TBR list and I am starting on the fourth book.

Kyle's temporary move to third shift has had an adverse impact on my work-life balance, but I am happy to say that this has had a positive effect on my ability to read books and write reviews; which has brought the total of books that I need to read and review down to an almost manageable number of 15. The good news is that he is back on second shift this weekend; the bad news is that I probably won't get as much reading and writing done.

In other news, I am planning on writing an eBook geared towards new book bloggers and indie authors. It really is not going to be fancy; I plan on writing it like a very long blog article, and I will be offering it for free to people who subscribe to On My Kindle's newsletter. While this concept is not new in the world of blogging, my intent is to help the communities that have supported me since I started On My Kindle. 

I am conducting a survey to help book bloggers and indie authors learn more about their target markets (I did go to college as a business major), so some of the advice I give will be based on the results of this survey. If you have five minutes to spare, please take the survey

One of my friends from the #SupportIndieAuthors campaign, Riley Amos Westbrook, was kind enough to let me write up a guest post about the survey on his blog. Swing by his blog and read the article; while you are there, check out the wonderful things that he does for other indie authors. 

With no further ado, let's take a look at my TBR list for the week:

Demon Princess (Demon Kingdom Fairytales #1) by Kassandra Lynn

Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn, in-post image, On My Kindle

I have already finished reading this book and do not want to give too much away. What I can tell you is that Demon Princess is a YA fantasy novel featuring a female protagonist, Adriana, who also happens to be a demon. Since Adriana's father is gone and her brother is missing, she is next in line to the throne.

During Adriana's coronation ceremony something odd happens, she finds herself in the human kingdom where a mage-in-training somehow managed to summon her. Having been summoned by him, she is under his command; she cannot just go home and she cannot reveal that she is a demon since humans are the enemy.

What is a demon princess stuck in the human world to do?

Liberty and Means by Kristin Dow

Liberty and Means by Kristen Dow, On My Kindle, In-post image

I have already finished reading Liberty and Means and I am about halfway through this novel. Again, I do not want to spoil the surprise, so I will give you some basic information about this novel.

Liberty and Means is a fictional novel that follows Shannon Clark, a career woman trying to move up in the company she works for. With a little bit of prodding from her hot co-worker, Brad, she decides to enter a sweepstakes online. She ends up winning and finds that her personal and professional life is being turned upside down, despite her attempts to remain grounded and unchanged.

Can money really make an average person happy, or is it more trouble than it is worth?

The Customer is Always Wrong by CC Standish

The Customer is Always Wrong by CC Standish, On My Kindle, In-post image

I have have also finished reading The Customer is Always Wrong. Check out the book's description from Amazon:
"'90s grunge kid Conrad Jacoby is on the verge of graduating from Hiawatha High. Eager to leave the nest and his alcoholic Vietnam veteran father behind, Conrad joins the workforce where he tests his luck at minimum wage jobs in food service and retail, building his savings and his backbone with the goal of moving out. Although Conrad is determined, he quickly finds that his sheltered Minnesota upbringing has not prepared him for the life challenges and difficult personalities he will encounter in this coming of age comedy."
I can tell you that the protagonist and I have quite a bit in common when it comes to working in the service industry. My first job was at a video store and I served some pretty interesting characters while I was there, so it was fun to read another person's perspective of the service industry in general.

A Father's Legacy by Dr. Mohammed Bukkar

A Father's Legacy by Dr. Mohammed Bukar, On My Kindle, In-post image

A Father's Legacy is an autobiography and described on the author's website as:
"...the fascinating true-life story of a father who had no western education yet strived so hard to ensure that his children got the education which he so much desired but never obtained. It also captures the inspiring account of how a child abused by foster parents turned out to be an award winning lecturer."
This sounds very inspiring, and I hope that the author has not described the abuse in any great detail because I would like to be able to finish the book. I admit that I am a little nervous about triggers in this one, but  I am hopeful because none of the authors who have requested reviews from me have crossed the line with regard to content.

That is my TBR list for this week; what is on yours? Share your list with me in the comments, or hunt me down on social media.

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