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TBR: Feb 23 to March 1 Edition

Monday, February 22, 2016
To Be Read: Feb 23rd to March 1st Edition

With Kyle back on second shift, I am back to reading only two or three books a week. In retrospect, the amount of reading and writing that I was accomplishing had more to do with combating loneliness than having an abundance of time on my hands. 

Responses to my survey are still trickling in; I have received 40 responses, so I am closer to hitting my goal of 100 responses. If you are new to the blog and have not completed the survey yet, you can click on the red button in the obnoxiously yellow bar below to take it. For those of you that have, I am sorry for subjecting you to the yellow bar every time you visit, but my HelloBar subscription is free; meaning that I cannot access the feature that makes it appear to new users only. 

I am close to catching up on posting reviews that I have completed. I am currently only five reviews behind and it may take another week or two of posting three reviews a week to completely catch up. This week I will be posting reviews for:

As for my To-Be-Read list this week, it is an eclectic mix that is sure to keep me on my toes!

How to Cope with the Discovery of Their Affair and Move Forward Towards Your Recovery by Kara Dealle

How to Cope with the Discovery of Their Affair and Move Forward Towards Your Recovery by Kara Dealle, On My Kindle TBR

Here is a snippet from the description of the book from Amazon:
Infidelity, affair, cheating, betrayal… Whatever word you choose to express it, these acts have been happening since marriages first took place. Statistics stating how many marriages are effected by an affair range from 25% - 75%, all depending on how an affair has been defined. Infidelity has always generally been considered taboo and forbidden. Today they are frowned upon just as they were in biblical times; however they are still an extremely common occurrence. Despite knowing the statistics, the history, or understating the disdain associated with an affair, when one occurs within your marriage, it can be devastating. This single act has the ability to dissolve relationships and rob us of our happiness and identities.

In this book, there are choices outlined and key strategies presented to determine what makes the most sense in your situation. Relationships are two-sided and a complete picture needs to be constructed in order to move forward appropriately...
I have dealt with infidelity in a relationship before, but I did not want to stay with the person after it happened. I am interested to see how the author discusses infidelity and what advice she offers to help people cope with it.

Guns, Gods & Robots: Seven Curious Tales by Brady Koch

Guns Gods & Robots by Brady Koch, On My Kindle TBR

This is an anthology that has stories from several different genres. The description on Amazon makes this book sound even more intriguing:
Guns: A girl’s birthday wish comes true when she gets to spend an afternoon on manhunt with her lawman father.

Gods: An old man discovers his crops aren't the only dead things on his farm.

Robots: A heartless machine built for compassion malfunctions, leading its engineer on a hunt to fix the corruption before it spreads.

In Guns, Gods & Robots, Brady Koch, mixes and remixes three themes across this collection of stories and novellas that spans the range of science fiction and horror. The stories, collected here for the first time, range from the uplifting to the horrifying. Sure to spark your imagination, the seven stories in Guns, Gods & Robots will also keep you up at night.
I am interested in reading this book to see what it is all about and sharing a little bit about it with everyone.

Beyond Death (The Afterlife Series Book 1) by Deb McEwan

Beyond Death (The Afterlife Series Book 1) by Deb McEwan, On My Kindle TBR

This book is getting some pretty good reviews on Amazon; 84% of reviewers have ranked it as 4-stars or higher. Here is a little hint of what's to come with this book:
What really happens when we die? Claire Sylvester is about to find out.
In her strange new world Claire watches the secret lives of those she loves unravel, while deciding who deserves to be saved.
And more than she knows depends on her actions, and those of her unlikely partner.
‘Beyond Death’, a fast-paced paranormal thriller of life, death, deceit and danger.
I enjoy supernatural thrillers, so I am looking forward to seeing what this book has to offer.

What is on your TBR list this week? Let me know in the comments, or find me on social media.

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Have a great week!