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TBR: Feb 9 - 16 Edition

Monday, February 8, 2016
to-be-read, TBR list, Feb 9 - 16
Since I finished the two books on last week to-be-read list early, I have three books on this week's list. Since I like to stay ahead by one or two books, I plan on posting reviews for two of these books next week; however, I may manage to post three reviews next week.

At Hidden Lake by P.S. Winn

P.S. Winn, Hidden Lake, to-be-read, On My Kindle

The description of At Hidden Lake on Amazon says:
"When three friends, Andrea ,Seth,and Melanie, head up to a cabin at Hidden Lake longing for three days of rest and relaxation, they find something a lot different. First Melanie breaks her leg and then Seth and Andrea, returning to the cabin, uncover a conspiracy that began in World War II. Now they find themselves in a fight for survival against those who are keeping the hidden secrets."
I have reviewed books by P.S. Winn before and I enjoyed reading them. I started this book last week, and so far it seems that this book is just as well-written as her others; I am excited to see what she has in store for Andrea, Seth, and Melanie!

Faerie Queen by Jennie Taylor

Faerie Queen, Jennie Taylor, to-be-read, On My Kindle

The back cover description on Amazon is really engaging:
"We were in another world. I mean really, literally, honestly another world! There were trees everywhere. They were like two hundred feet tall and had bark that was blue with sparkles of silver. Bushes with flowers like I've never seen decorated the roadside. And the guards, and Cecilia had...
'Wings!' I shouted. 'Holy poop, you are a faerie!'
"You can see that?" she asked, laughing. 'I told you I was a faerie.' "
The reviewers on Amazon are really talking up this Faerie Queen and, judging by the back cover description, I am looking forward to reading it.

Sky High by Helge Mahrt

Sky High, Helge Mahrt, to-be-read, On My Kindle

This book is described as a Young Adult science fiction novel. I have not read too many YA sci-fi novels, so I'm pretty anxious to read Sky High; especially with this tantalizing description from CreateSpace:
"2314. Humanity has failed to colonize space. After expanding horizontally for centuries, all of Earth is covered in one giant city. The only way left to go was up, so they built towards the sky. Then, one hundred years ago, a meteor hit Earth, annihilating a region formerly known as Europe. The death toll was staggering, but that was not all. That was when the changing began and the first Evos appeared. With limited space for humans to live, Earth's government instated a law to keep the population healthy and strong. The Natural Selection. Anyone found to have a hereditary mutation will be sterilized - including their children."
I am also planning on writing a book with advice on how new book bloggers can connect with indie authors and how indie authors can connect with book bloggers. I have no idea what the title is going to be, but I do plan on sharing it with all of my newsletter subscribers.

Right now I have created a survey that targets book consumers; people who purchase, read, and download free books for recreational reading. I want to offer some solid advice to readers and want to make sure that I have numbers to support my advice; more participants are definitely better in this case! If you can fill out the survey and share it with others, I would greatly appreciate it.

Are you reading, or writing this week? Let me know in the comments, or hit me up on one of my social media accounts: