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TBR: March 1st to March 8th Edition

Monday, February 29, 2016

I am being hopefully optimistic by posting three books to this week's TBR list as I seem to have come down with a cold or flu that leaves me both sweaty and shivering simultaneously. I can easily read these three books in my condition because I can lay down on the couch while reading; however, writing reviews will be problematic until I recover.

To make my life even more interesting, my corpulent upstairs neighbor has decided to cease his almost non-stop rocking in his chair to decorate his apartment. While I would normally appreciate a break from the creaking sound that his rocking makes, it is hard to be appreciative when I was awakened by sporadic hammering this morning. I would go upstairs to offer my assistance since it is apparent that this neighbor does not know how to use a hammer, but doing so would allow him to return to his former past time of sitting in his rocking chair and rocking incessantly.

To Be Reviewed

Enough about my personal drama. Here is a quick look at the books that I am going to be reviewing this week:

The Customer is Always Wrong by CC Standish, To Be Reviewed This Week on On My Kindle A Father's Legacy by Dr. Mohammed Bukar, To Be Reviewed This Week on On My Kindle How to Cope With the Discover of Their Affair by Kara Dealle, To Be Reviewed This Week on On My Kindle

This week's to-be-read pile has an autobiography with a quirky cover, an intriguing mystery, and a book written by an author that I have worked with before:

The Boston Ranter: Slanted Vignettes from a Native New Englander by Layden Robinson

The Boston Ranter by Layden Robinson, To Be Read Pile for On My Kindle

The book's description on Amazon is:
"This autobiographical novella was inspired by my life growing up outside of Boston. Comedic, dramatic and quite revealing; this latest title will truly show why I am the raving lunatic I am today."
If the book's description and cover are any indication of its contents, I am sure that the book will be an irreverently humorous read.

THE GREEN PEARL CAPER: A DAMIEN DICKENS MYSTERY (Damien Dickens Mysteries Book 1) by Phyllis Entis

The Green Pearl Caper (A Damien Dickens Mystery) by Phyllis Entis, To Be Read Pile for On My Kindle

The book's description on Amazon is:
"Celine Sutherland is dead - her body half-hidden under the Atlantic City Boardwalk - and Damien Dickens, P.I. killed her. Detective Lt. James Holmes found Damien’s gun and wallet near the crime scene, and discovered Celine's cash-filled, emerald-studded evening bag hidden in Damien’s apartment. Sylvia Sutherland, Celine’s older sister and CEO of the family’s tobacco empire, insists that Dickens pulled the trigger. And the Sutherlands carry a lot of influence in Atlantic City. Even Damien’s secretary has deserted him - gone to work for the Sutherlands. Only Celine’s younger sister, Susan, believes in his innocence."
I used to read mysteries exclusively when I was younger and it has been a while since I have read a mystery set in an earlier time. I am looking forward to reading this book and the second book in this series will be in next week's TBR pile.

The Silk Mind (Atlar Book 1) by Pete Alex Harris

If you have been following this blog, or have taken a look at my Wall of Fame, the author of this book might ring a bell. I read and wrote a review for Pete's book, Miasma, and Pete was kind enough to include a blurb from that review on the back cover of the paperback version of the book. 

The description of The Silk Mind on Amazon is:
"Ashlin Smith is dissatisfied with his pointless job as supervisor of the Royal Badger Survey. He wants nothing more than to quit and go back to being a blacksmith like the rest of his family wanted. However, due to politics, and an inexplicable plot set in motion decades earlier, his job is about to become a lot more interesting, and not in a good way.
A giant badger, murderous cultists, abominations and dinner guests straight from the fairy tales, and a frighteningly clever and stubborn empress soon stand in the way of Ashlin's desire to return to a quiet life."
Since I have read Pete's work before and enjoyed it, I am looking forward to reading this fairy tale-ish book.

What are you reading this week? Let me know on social media, or in the comments.

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I hope you have an awesome week!