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#OMKindle TBR List: Mar 22 - 29

Monday, March 21, 2016
On My Kindle TBR List for March 22 to 29

Last week I participated in two giveaways. The first giveaway is for a free, signed hardcover of Hard Rider by Lydia Pax. The second giveaway is for a free e-copy of Embracing Entropy by Jessica Marie Baumgartner. If you have not entered these contests, head on over to those posts for more information.

I will be learning more about the mobile app that is being developed for On My Kindle soon. I sent a contract over to I'm In Marketer and it was approved. I have been told that I will be receiving access to the app's admin panel in the near future, and I am looking forward to getting some hands-on experience with it before it is up and running. I am anxious to move forward with the app so that I can help my authors even more by sharing their contests and giveaways with followers in real time.


Getting time to read has been problematic with all that is going on here, so I will be reviewing two books this week instead of three:

The White Russian Caper (Damien Dickens Mystery, Book 2) by Phyllis Entis, to be reviewed by On My Kindle           Executor Rising, Book 1 of The Circuit Series by Rhett C. Bruno, to be reviewed by On My Kindle

This upcoming week promises to be another busy one, so my TBR pile reflects this. I never thought that I would say this, but I miss just being able to sit and read all day.

The Red Deaths, Keys of Candor Book 1 by Seth Ervin and Casey Eanes

The Red Deaths, Keys of Candor Book 1 by Seth Ervin and Casey Eanes, to be read by On My Kindle

The Red Deaths is categorized as a dystopian science fiction on Amazon with the following description:
"The world of Candor is one of survivors. After thousands of years of war, destruction, famine, mending and rebuilding the worlds’ inhabitants are no strangers to conflict or suffering. The newest danger to Candor is its darkest yet, threatening any chance of mankind’s survival. The five Realms of Candor are forced back into war by the Groganlands who issue their technological juggernauts to attack the simple but rugged people of Lotte following a failed assassination of their leader, the Sar.

Kull Shepherd’s father is kidnapped, ripped from the burning furnace that was once his home in Lotte’s logging sector. Willyn Kara’s brother hovers between life and death, poisoned by an unknown assassin. Seam Panderean is the High King of Lotte, and the fate of his Realm rests on his shoulders as he attempts to take on his father’s mantle and lead his people to peace and order. The destiny of these three are locked, on a course for an unavoidable collision as an ancient evil waits in the shadows, waiting to be freed from its bondage.

There is only one hope for peace.

The Keeper of the Keys must return."
The premise sounds interesting and the reviews on Goodreads are pretty solid, so I am looking forward to reading it.

The Sabbath by Arthur Nsenga and Shaunakay Francis

The Sabbath by Arthur Nsenga and Shaunakay Francis, to be read by On My Kindle

The Sabbath is described as a post-apocalyptic science fiction, but its description on Amazon indicates that it might also be a conspiracy theory novel as well:
"Would you rather suffer for eternity, or die peacefully?

What if you had no choice?

The morning after witnessing a spectacular meteorite shower, Cory Shembo and his girlfriend Lana didn’t expect to wake up immortal.

News bulletins claim the meteorites have released a chemical compound called ATHENS which has caused mutations in the human race. The twisted outcome has left people unable to die but with an increased sensitivity to pain.

Now with the majority of food supplies contaminated, and the rich controlling what little is left, the desperate young couple are force to go on merciless food raids just to stave off the pain.

During which they accidentally discover a secret government device and find themselves caught up in a diabolical plot to control the future of humanity.

Realizing that there is more to ATHENS than what they were led to believe; Cory and Lana set out on a crusade to uncover the truth. Their journey will lead them into the darkest depths of humanity. If they can follow the trail, they may be able to find some answers.

But will the cost of knowing the truth be too much?"
 The reviews of this book on Goodreads are mixed; most people seem to be reluctant to give it five stars. I am definitely excited to read this book myself and share my thoughts about it.

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I may have a contest to share next week, but I may not. I signed up for one, but I have not heard anything back from the publisher. Honestly, I am not sure if I will continue to promote giveaways for authors and publishers that I have not worked with in the past. I am not seeing any return on the time and effort that it takes to create and promote these posts. However, I am thinking about hosting giveaways myself to make more readers aware of indie authors' works.

What's on your schedule this week? Are you reading, writing, or wishing that you had time to do both? Let me know in the comments, or on social media.

Have a splendid week!