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On My Kindle's New Google Plus Page

Thursday, March 17, 2016
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I have been sharing posts via my personal Google Plus page and I decided to create a business page for On My Kindle.

Why the Change?

I have noticed that my personal G+ page has become a point of entry for On My Kindle. I follow several people outside of "book blogging" circles and thought that creating a G+ page for the blog will help me keep everything straight. 

I am also hoping that doing this will also prevent confusion when authors and their representatives request reviews. I have been receiving receiving review requests in my personal email that have been trashed, or marked as spam because I do not know the sender. The spam settings for my "business" email are a bit looser so that I can view emails from individuals that I do not recognize.

What's Changed

I will still be sharing posts from On My Kindle on my personal G+ page, but I am now following authors, book bloggers, and book blogging communities from On My Kindle's G+ page

What This Means

If you are not following me on G+ and I am not following you, nothing has changed. 

If we were following each other, but you do not see me as a follower, then I am following you using On My Kindle's G+ page

If you no longer see my posts from either page, then it is likely that I accidentally deleted you during the move on my end. This can be rectified by heading over to On My Kindle's G+ page and adding On My Kindle to your G+ circles. 

I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause On My Kindle's followers. I just want to make sure that I am seeing notifications from my friends as well as authors and book bloggers, and I want to direct authors and their representatives to the correct email address.

Thank you!