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#OMKindle Featured Title - No Problem, Mr. Walt by Walt Hackman

Friday, April 8, 2016
Front Cover Image of No Problem, Mr. Walt by Walt Hackman, Featured Title at On My Kindle

For as long  as I can remember, I have been interested in Japanese and Chinese culture. When Mr. Hackman approached me about featuring and eventually reviewing his travel memoir, No Problem, Mr. Walt, I was happy to accept his request because the memoir touches on an aspect of Chinese culture that I have not investigated; boat building.

Read on to discover what Mr. Hackman has to say about his book and himself.

About No Problem, Mr Walt

No Problem, Mr. Walt is a poignant travel memoir written by father, businessman and easy-going voyager, Walt Hackman, about his travels throughout China during his extraordinary quest to build an authentic wooden Chinese Junk boat.

Walt’s memoir is an account of personal tragedy and tenacious triumph. It’s about the adventures and experiences of making unlikely friends despite significant language barriers; achieving an improbable dream against all odds; and the culmination of the “first step of a thousand miles” that changed his life forever.

Filled with humor, drama, mystery, intrigue and suspense juxta-positioned with Chinese anecdotes, poetry and recipes, No Problem, Mr. Walt is an absorbing account of how, despite unimaginable heartbreak, Walt’s extraordinary journey to build a wooden boat ultimately began the rebuilding his life.

About the Author

Walt Hackman, Author of No Problem, Mr. Walt in the helm of Chinese junk
Walt in China

We (Publish Authority, Newport Beach, California and I) have developed a fine website. It is a place where you can sign up for our mailing list, learn a little about me (the guy at the helm during sea trials), the book, and the Mei Wen Ti. There is a spot where you can listen to me read a portion of a chapter (that shows that the book isn’t just about building a boat). There is a photo gallery that contains some great pictures, a media room, and a means of contacting me. Finally, there is a blog that I just started writing where you can learn why the Chinese painted a large colorful tiger on the bow of the junk (see picture below), and other matters that relate to the book.

Image of tiger on bow of the junk

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hackman for bringing his book to my attention. I am looking forward to reading and reviewing it.

If you are interested in purchasing No Problem, Mr. Walt by Walt Hackman, please visit the author's website to find out where to buy the book.


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