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#OMKindle TBR List - April 11th to 18th

Monday, April 11, 2016

Last week was interesting here at On My Kindle. I discovered some problems with the blog that I believe that I have fixed, On My Kindle's newsletter has gotten a makeover, and there will be some changes to the times that I post reviews on the blog.

Blog Problems

For starters, the "share" buttons for each post have been relocated to the left-hand side of the blog. I did this so that you do not have to scroll all the way to the end of the post if you decide that you want to share a post.

For those of you who were using the Facebook "share" button in the past, it has been replaced by a "Copy Link" button. You can now click the button to copy the post's URL and paste it into a Facebook update. Doing it this way will allow you to choose the post's title image, rather than providing you with a horrid, pixelated image of a wrench and toolbox. The "Copy Link" button is a workaround until I am able to figure out what I need to fix so that Facebook's crawler can associate the correct image(s) with each post.

You may have noticed that the "Coupons for the Week" post was on the blog's homepage for a bit. This has been fixed, and it should not happen again. If this does happen again, I now know how to fix it quickly.

The last change I made to the blog itself was to include a search box and a "Sub-Genres" page. The search box is a little buggy; however, you can use it to search for authors, or labels with some degree of success. The sub-genres are listed in alphabetical order and I will be more diligent about standardizing how I categorize books so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

On My Kindle Newsletter

Even though the "Coupons" posts will not appear on the homepage, they will appear in the RSS feed for the blog. This means that the images in the newsletter are collected from the RSS feed and the coupons would have appeared in the newsletter. Since I have no way of preventing this for just the "Coupons" posts, I opted to remove all post title images from the newsletter; leaving only the post title links. I apologize for this, but I want to keep the newsletter from being "spammy."

Posting Times

The newsletter will be sent out at its usual time, but my schedule for posting on On My Kindle will change. I found out this past Friday that Kyle got the lead position that he interviewed for, and he will be moving to third shift. Since my usual blog and social media posting time is set at times that he will be home and awake, I will be posting earlier in the day. I am not sure what time that will be; however, once I figure it out, I will post at that time consistently.

Finally, I will no longer be sharing my TBR posts on Fridays via the mobile app. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it really is not sustainable given that Kyle will have Friday and Saturday nights off now. I will continue to promote sales and giveaways via the app's messaging feature, so it is still worth grabbing the app for iOS and Android devices.


That seems to be it for the major announcements, so let's get to what I am reviewing and reading this week.


I have almost caught up on the reviews that were promised months ago. I only have one more book to review next week, and I will be finished with these very past-due reviews.



Since I have completely caught up on reading the books with reviews due around one or two months ago, I am going to go back to reading and reviewing two books a week.

Rufus and The Flying Carpet by Pauli Murphy

The first in the Series of wonderful adventures for Rufus and his Friends, after he discovers the incredible Flying Carpet!      
 ~ Summary from ~
I had the opportunity to feature this book a few months ago, and have been looking forward to reading this book!

Sour by Alan Walsh

A re-telling of ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’, updated to the modern day, re-imagined with bizarre local characters and set in a fictional Irish countryside. Hilarious, dark, thrilling, with a winding narrative native to the Irish countryside.
In a desolate Irish town a local paper boy goes missing. Conall, a beetroot-faced, mule of a man,makes it his business to find the boy.

What starts out a small undertaking, unfolds into a journey of strange rural experience, bizarre natural occurrences and warped small-town morality,revealing the shocking tale of a young girl horribly imprisoned and two boys fixed on rescuing her. Fionn McCool, Cuchullainn and many more characters all make appearances!  
 ~ Summary from ~
I have not read 'Deidre of the Sorrows,' but I do enjoy reading legends to discover similarities and differences in legends between cultures.

Alan is giving away a free copy of Sour, so head on over to Goodreads and enter for your chance to win!

I think that I have covered everything. What do you think about the changes that I made to the blog? Do you like them, dislike them, or are they acting up on you? Let me know in the comments, or on social media.

Have a wonderful week!