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#OMKindle Featured Title: The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte by Jennie Goutet

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Title image for #OMKindle Featured Title: The Viscount of Maisons-Lafitte by Jennie Goutet

When Jennie Goutet contacted me about featuring The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte, I was more than happy to. I enjoy reading and reviewing clean romances, and just knew that her book would be a great fit for On My Kindle.

Join me in welcoming Jennie to the On My Kindle family!

The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte is a clean, modern romance written with a Regency flair. What does that mean? The author was inspired by Georgette Heyer's exciting plot and witty dialogue in her 50+ books and tried to reproduce the same thing in a modern setting - and in France.

Do you have the titled hero? Check! Do you have the heroine who speaks her mind? (even if she's vulnerable and not always sure of what she actually does think)? Check! Do you have a grand estate? Check! Do you have a sword fight? Well, not really. The author couldn't seem to fit that in.

Here is the synopsis: 

Single moms are not supposed to fall for rich French aristocrats!
There's just no way he will ever choose her.

Is there such a thing as Prince Charming? Chastity didn't take a teaching job in France to find hers, but a woman can dream, n'est-ce pas? If the father of one of her students--the Viscount Charles Jean Anne Monorie de Brase--is the best local example of princes, Charming or Otherwise, Chastity is ready to put aside any thought of falling in love again.

She's had enough of his arrogance and would prefer him to keep his distance, yet it seems there is no avoiding each other. With the ongoing pressure of a repentant ex-boyfriend, a nefarious drug dealer, and an art heist that spans the decades, Chastity and the viscount are thrown together by circumstances she would soon rather forget.

As the intimacy between Charles and Chastity deepens, they must decide if their love is enough to bridge the gap between their disparate worlds, and if happily ever after can exist outside of fairy tales.

And here is what some of her fellow authors are saying: 

The Viscount of Maisons-Lafitte is a sparkling, modern romance that captures the classic Regency feel. Complete with faulty misconceptions, a sparring couple and a hero in the best tradition of Mr. Darcy, it's an elegant, delectable read full of French style. I was captivated!
     ~ Jaima Fixsen, author of Fairchild 
Front cover image of The Viscount of Maisons-Lafitte by Jennie Goutet. Featured by On My Kindle Book Reviews.
In The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte, Jennie Goutet serves up a sweet, delicious romance with a side dish of suspense. Her winsome main characters bring to mind Ms. Bennet and Mr. Darcy as they succumb to misjudgments and detours on the crooked road to love. From the first pages, I rooted for Charles and Chastity to breach life's obstacles, solve a longstanding mystery, and ultimately find each other.
     ~ Julie Gardner, Letters for Scarlet

And here is a teaser from the book: 

     The dance teacher resumed his lesson. “Gentlemen, you’ll want to place your hand between the shoulder blades of your partner. Keep your elbow level with your shoulder.” He demonstrated with his hands in the air. “Ladies, rest your hand on your partner’s shoulder. This will help you sense where he’s leading. Put your other hand lightly in your partner’s outstretched hand. Like so. Very good,” he added, as he observed the couples forming obediently.

     The viscount had his hand on Chastity’s back, and her free hand was clasped in his outstretched one. They stood still while the instructor gave instructions for the steps, conscious of how close each one was to the other. The viscount contemplated Chastity, but she refused to meet his gaze.

     “Chastity, I’ve been meaning to ask if you will come to the ball with me.”

     At this, she did look up, startled. She trembled in his hands. “But you are with… ” She stopped speaking, and he knew she must have seen the media.

     “I’m not with Manon. Trust me, it was over before this incident happened with Bruce Richards. I should have ended it sooner.”

     “Oh.” She tried to buy herself some time. “I’m missing the instructions.” The dance teacher droned on, and the partners around them began to move.

     “Just follow my lead,” the viscount said. “You can’t go wrong.” He allowed her time to recover her composure while he led her gently in the most basic steps of the waltz. He studied her tense face, and leaned down to murmur, “Don’t worry. I’m wearing thick shoes.”

     She chuckled, and he felt her relax. He pressed again. “Will you come?”

     “I don’t know,” she said. “Thomas…”

     “I’ve thought of that,” he said quietly. “If there was any chance he would enjoy it, I’d find a way for him to come and hire someone to help watch him. The truth is, the crowds and the noise won’t be good for him. Do you think you can find someone you trust to watch him?”

     “Mmm,” she stalled. She was awkward and stiff in his arms, and he fought the urge to pull her closer to see if he could get her to relax.

     “There’s his father,” he offered, reluctantly, wondering if that was what was holding her back.

     “Yes, but I haven’t decided how much a part of Thomas’s life he’s allowed to have, and I’m uncomfortable leaving him alone with him.” The viscount watched her attentively, spinning her in keeping with the dance teacher’s instructions. 

     “Oh, why not.” Chastity rewarded him with a smile, then laughed suddenly. “All right, I’ll come. I’d love to be your date for the ball.”

     “That’s a relief.” The viscount kept a straight face, but the muscles in his mouth quivered. “Otherwise I’d have been obliged to ask Ms. James.”


The Viscount of Maisons-Lafitte by Jennie Goutet is on sale this week for 99 cents

The book is regularly priced at $2.99 on Amazon, but it is on sale for 99 cents until June 16th.

And if you'd like to follow the author, you can reach her on her author website, on her blog, on Twitter, and Facebook.


Photo of Jennie Goutet, author. Featured on On My Kindle Book Reviews.
Jennie Goutet, author. Reprinted with the permission of Jennie Goutet.

Jennie Goutet is the author of romance novel, The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte, as well as the award-winning memoir, Stars Upside Down, and the children’s book Happy People Everywhere. She is a contributing author to Sunshine After the Storm, and That's Paris - an Anthology of Love, Life and Sarcasm in Paris.

She was a BlogHer Voice of the Year pick three times, and her writing has appeared on Huffington Post, Queen Latifah’s website, Mamalode, BonBonBreak, and BlogHer.

You can find her on her author website, or her blog where she writes occasionally about faith, food, and life in Paris with her husband and three children.

Thank you, Jennie for sharing your book with us, and I hope to see you again on On My Kindle.