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#OMKindle Featured Title: Darklife by Nathan Brazil

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Darklife by Nathan Brazil. Featured on On My Kindle Book Reviews.

When Nathan Brazil connected with me on Twitter and asked me to check out his science fiction novel, Darklife. Being the science fiction geek that I am, I really wanted to oblige, but I am unable to at the moment.

However, he was kind enough to contact me with a request to feature his book, and I am excited to share this intriguing science fiction novel with you.

About Darklife 

Cover image of Darklife by Nathan Brazil. Featured on On My Kindle Book Reviews.

The epic novel of a new epoch for humanity.

Darklife: An alien intelligence originating from a place adjacent to our reality, yet beyond human reach. Named scalar space by research scientists, it is the world of dark matter and dark energy.

Newmark: A product of misguided faith that has resulted in a secret disaster. Darklife has found Earth, and is searching for something. While most of mankind remains oblivious to the danger, the authorities struggle to understand the true agenda of alien life from the folds of the endless dark.

The British Reticular Path: A covert organization tasked to counter Darklife incursions, while trying to glean understanding of intruders who behave nothing like invaders. Is Darklife friend, invincible foe, or something in-between?
If you want to know a little more about Darklife, check out this revealing review:

About Nathan Brazil

Nathan Brazil is a pen-name, borrowed with permission from the iconic character created by the late great Jack L. Chalker. I began to use the name when I was a book reviewer, mostly for the now defunct SF Site, and have continued into print because the name became known to Google, and I'm hoping there will be some potential readers who wonder if the reviewer can actually write!

Photo of Nathan Brazil, author. Featured on On My Kindle Book Reviews.
Nathan Brazil, author.
Reprinted with permission.

It may be of some interest that my 'day job' is designing book covers, via, and I currently have around 40 titles on Amazon. Many for the best-selling writer W.A. Harbinson, author of books such as Genesis and All At Sea on the Ghost Ship. I design both for PoD paperbacks and for Kindle/E-Book publishing. When I'm not doing that, I also design one-off luxury silk scarves/ artwork for I do these things from my home office, on the Isle of Wight, which is the tiny diamond-shaped rock located at the bottom of England on global maps, and home to the famous music festival.

You can find out more about Nathan Brazil and Darklife on his website, Twitter, or add Darklife to your "Want to Read" list on Goodreads. You can grab a print or e-copy of Darklife from Amazon:


Print copy of Darklife by Nathan Brazil available on    Print copy of Darklife by Nathan Brazil available on


eBook of Darklife by Nathan Brazil available on    eBook copy of Darklife by Nathan Brazil available on

I don't know about you, but this sci-fi geek is planning on reading Darklife as soon as I can. If you have already read it, or you get to read it before I do; let me know what you think of it in the comments!