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#OMKindle Marvelous Monday

Monday, July 11, 2016
#OMKindle, Marvelous Monday, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Kyle had last week off and we both really enjoyed our time together, even though we both came down sick during the first half of the week and were unable to do some of the activities that we planned. Neither one of us is anxious for him to return to work and resume his 10-hours a day, six days a week work schedule, but I am anxious to get back to work reading and reviewing books.

In last week's "Marvelous Monday" post, I mentioned that I had tried to add my Equality design to a postage stamp on Zazzle. I do have an update on this situation, but it is quite lengthy so I decided to share it with you in a separate post, "Frazzled with Zazzle."

Anyway, enough about that my thwarted attempts at social activism, let's talk books.

To Be Reviewed

I did not get as much reading done as I had hoped, but I still plan on reviewing two books this week:

She Never Got to Say Goodbye, Ica Iova, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews    Life Sentence (Paranormal Detectives 3), Lily Luchesi, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews

To Be Read

Since I am still working on one of the books that need to be reviewed this week and am still feeling a little ill, I am adding only one book to this list:

She Promised the Moon, Awad Sharar, To be Read, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Pamela Foster, a ballsy careless student, is granted a machine gun from the Forestry Commission. Because she goes late to school to take her final exam, she is denied admittance, returns home, takes her machine gun and goes back to school. She opens fire at the school car park, causes wild fire and horrible explosions. She escapes to her poor and illiterate friends, a family, on the Northern Heights, but the woman was dead. Pamela adopts their four-year-old child, Charles, the orphan. For devastating floods, natural disasters and heavy losses in lives and possessions, the highlanders climb down to a coastal area where corruption, discrimination and rotten judicial and security systems prevail. Pamela is nominated to a seat in the Senate, but is killed two days before the elections.

Later, Candidates follow all possible means, legal or illegal, shameful or honourable to win any elections: depending on much six, drugs, bribery, money laundry, trafficking, murder, rumors, forgery and on some corrupted decision makers. They promise and promise and promise before the elections. But what happens to Corruption, Unemployment, Crime, Honesty, Justice, and Credibility when they win? Aside from politicians, can anyone answer?
Since receiving the request to review his book, I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Awad Sharar about a number of subjects. If the book is half as intelligent and interesting as these correspondences have been, I am sure that I will enjoy this book.

Have you read any good books lately? Have you read the books that are on my lists this week? Let me know in the comments.

Here's hoping that you have a marvelous Monday and an outstanding week!