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Marvelous Monday

Monday, August 1, 2016
Marvelous Monday, TBR List, #OMKindle, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I have almost dug myself out of the book backlog that I found myself in a couple of months ago. I have a few more books that I promised would be reviewed by a specific date and then I can start working on the books that I said I would review when I have the time.

I met my new psychologist for the first time last week. It was mostly a meet-and-greet session during which I answered questions about my background, discussed my current emotional state, and talked about the goals that I want to achieve. I was surprised that many of the questions that seemed to require simple "yes" or "no" responses actually needed more detailed responses. This stirred up old memories that I kept buried for quite some time and I ended up feeling emotionally and physically drained after the session.

After the appointment, I struggled with writing reviews and was running a bit behind on reviewing books last week, but I managed to catch up and I am ready to start a new week.

To be Reviewed

The Boy with Words, C.E. Wilson, To be Reviewed, #OMKindle, On My Kindle Book Reviews    Dexter's Wonderful Day, Madge H. Gressley, To be Reviewed, #OMKindle, On My Kindle Book Reviews

To be Read

Now & Forever, To be Read, #OMKindle, On My Kindle Book Reviews
These awesome authors have put together five romantic short stories guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. Whether you are young or old or somewhere in between, you will fall in love all over again.

Saved by the Belle by Isabella Norse - Dot Habersham spent the first half of her life traveling the world, meeting new people, and trying to make a difference. Now middle-aged, she has settled in Kudzu Korners, a small town filled with Southern charm. The arrival of Russell Phillips, widower, father, and the spitting image of Dot’s favorite actor, stirs emotions that she hasn’t felt in many years. Can two people from diverse backgrounds find love together or will the memories of those they have lost keep them tied to the past?

Be My Valentine? by Carole McKee - Trish Tripper is sad and frustrated. How can she get through another Valentine’s Day without Alan? Her best friend and business partner, Krista, is really into the hearts and flowers; but for Trish, it’s just a reminder of her loss.

Cooper Trask is unhappy. The New York City playboy has been assigned, by his father, to start up a new branch of their company in the little town of Cora Mills, located in the ‘middle of nowhere,’ according to Cooper.. But it doesn’t take him long to discover the benefits of small town life, especially after meeting Trish Tripper. Trish, is hopeful that her small interior design company will get a big contract out of Trask Linens. At the first meeting, Cooper unwittingly offends Trish, causing her to storm out of his office. Cooper needs to apologize for his mistake, but his interest in her goes beyond just an apology. He thinks she is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.

But Trish is still in love with her dead husband. What can Cooper do to attract her interest? But first, he must apologize.

Perfect Pitch by Debbie White - There was only one thing Cierra enjoyed more than coming up with the next bestseller, and that was watching her beloved baseball team, the Giants. When Cierra’s sister, Courtney, suggests Cierra interview Colton Diaz a fan favorite for an upcoming book idea, Cierra hesitantly agrees it would be a great plot for her new book. When an interview is organized, Cierra discovers the two already have something in common. Will Cierra be able to finish her book, or will Colton Diaz muddle up the ending?

A Design for Love by Madge Gressley - Throwing caution to the wind, Maddy Whitcomb ignores her domineering father’s plans for her life and sets out to fulfill her dream of becoming a world-class architect, but can she survive in the male dominated arena of the architectural firm that hired her?

Bound by Marriage: Looking Through Your Eyes by Brandi Gillilan – The three sisters that run Taking the Plunge, a wedding planning business, and the three brothers that run Eternal Love, a matchmaking company are contracted by their families to marry as a merger. And the wedding deadline? February 14th! Melodie, the head of Cakes and Desserts, and Roy, VP of Advertisement, are matched together. Slowly they try to make it work and come to care for each other....and maybe even love? But an attack may jeopardize it all! Can they make it?
Do any of the authors' names look familiar? One of them should! Madge Gressley is one of the "regulars" here at On My Kindle, so I have the opportunity to become acquainted with four new authors and help out a wonderful author that I have worked with before. Pretty cool, right?

Perennials, Bryce Gibson, To be Read, #OMKindle, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Summer in South Carolina – a time of ripe peaches, crackling bonfires, trips to the lake, and the rural legend of a creature known as the Lizard Man.

This year, a very real monster is lurking about.

The victims all have one thing in common – they share their names with plants.

Soon it becomes apparent that seventeen-year-olds Dusty Miller and Nandina Bush may be next on the killer’s list.

“That was when I realized that the red I saw in the driveway wasn’t blood. It was a scattering of rose petals. Deep down, I knew, right at that very moment, that what all of us had been afraid of for the past several months had already happened. I knew that the serial killer had finally made his way to Crow County.” – Dusty Miller
I participated in the cover reveal for Perennials back in April, so I was thrilled when Bryce asked me to review his book.

Despite some setbacks last week, I am starting the week off strong! I have a decent head start on Now & Forever and I am anxious to share my thoughts on the books that I read last week with you.

What are you reading this week? Have you read the books that I am reading and reviewing? If so, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Have a marvelous Monday and a splendid week!