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Marvelous Monday

Monday, October 17, 2016
Marvelous Monday, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Last week was a week of learning here in the On My Kindle household. Since Lexi is feeling a little more comfortable and has recovered from the infection she had, she is expressing her opinions about a number of things.

First, Lexi has decided that she is not sure about Kyle. We think that her handlers in the puppy mill were men, plus he was the pill dispenser before we discovered the miracles of Velveeta. Also, from her point of view, he may not be a member of the family since he works third shift and is not able to spend much time with her.

Lexi Stansbury, mascot, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Closeup of Lexi Stansbury taken by Charity Rowell-Stansbury
Second, after being given Velveeta over the course of the week, she has become bored with it and has figured out that something is amiss when we give it to her. She will not accept it from us as a treat; however, she will eventually eat it if it is placed in her bowl.

Finally, her humans decided to keep the crate in our bedroom; instead of moving it from the living room to the bedroom at night. We did this for a couple of reasons: first, we foolishly thought that doing this would allow her to "hide" if she felt the need to while encouraging her to remain out in the living room with the family if she wanted to. Second, we put a gate up between the living room and the hallway to the bedroom at night when it is time to go to bed and when we leave. This confines her to a "dog-proof" space when we are asleep or away from home so we can keep the crate's door open.

Lexi Stansbury, mascot, "Sacred Ground," On My Kindle Book Reviews
Lexi Stansbury's "Sacred Ground" taken by Charity Rowell-Stansbury
What we did not count on was the fact that the crate symbolized her space in the living room. Lexi decided to protest the loss of this "sacred space" by abstaining from food and water for most of the day on Saturday; an act that puts many a "peaceful protest" to shame. As luck would have it, we bought a mat for her and put it in the hallway. We did this so she would not have to stand on the cold, uninsulated linoleum floor to eat or drink. Out of sheer desperation, I moved the mat to where we had her crate in the living room and laid a towel that I had used on it. That is all it took; much to my relief, she decided to break her fast. After discussing the matter with Kyle, we determined that this 24-inch space in the living room is now Lexi's "sacred ground."

Despite this little misunderstanding, we were able to spend 30 minutes away from home on Saturday and Lexi did not show any signs of stress. She seemed excited and happy that we were home, and she was quite pleased that Kyle inadvertently left the bathroom door so that she could freely explore it without being chased out. It seems that the key is to not close the crate door, play some music in the living room and the bedroom, and give her some room to roam.

To make matters more interesting, another change has taken place. Kyle took a couple of days off from work to help me with Lexi. During his two-day vacation, Kyle's third shift floor lead position was eliminated. He was given a choice of positions to take, with the same pay, and he chose a first shift position at his employer's second plant. Since his employer's second plant is in the same town, we do not have to move; however, a good portion of his vacation time was dedicated to acclimating to his new, first shift schedule.

I am thrilled with the change because I will see him more often and he will be able to spend more time with Lexi!

To be Reviewed

Even though Kyle ended up getting five days off, I still managed to read two books from last week's TBR list; however, I was not able to start on the third book like I planned.

Super Sporty, Ellie Firestone, To Review, On My Kindle Book Reviews     The Mirror, John A. Heldt, To Review, On My Kindle Book Reviews

To be Read

Since Kyle's work schedule has changed, I am adding two books to my TBR list. If I manage to read a third book, great; if not, then I am not making a promise that I cannot keep.

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, R. Weir, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Jarvis Mann was a Private Detective, whose business thrived on the mundane, paying the bills following cheating spouses, getting in the middle of messy divorces and working for the Fat Cat Insurance companies running down false insurance claims. But one day on his office steps a young man coaxing with the simple word “Please” convinces him to help on a Winter’s Sunday afternoon to find a missing valuable Ernie Banks Rookie Bubble Gum Card. With a dry sense of humor he drives the Denver streets from door to door, friend to friend, until a clue leads to a surprising discovery, a young man’s personal pain and his friends selfish act, teach Jarvis a life lesson that will shape him with new hope and resolve.

"I really didn't know about the title but I have to say this far exceeded my expectations. It introduced us to a hard boiled detective with a semi-soft heart. I loved this series and want to read more. Please go and check it out its so worth the read." - Kiki's Indie Reviews and Rants's Activity

Enjoy a short 1st person Detective story, with humor and a surprising ending; then purchase this today or Look Inside to get a preview.
A Good Knight's Kiss, Emily Klein, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
John is a Baron's bastard. His father, while intending to wed his nobly born mistress, John's mother, was trapped into marrying the daughter of his kinsman, the Earl, Lady Jane. A seemingly maidenly, bashful lady,who in truth is cold and manipulative.

John's uncannily clever insights, his precocious, sensitive manner, and his red hair, cause speculations to circle about him, for being devilish and witch like. Therefore, his adoptive mother, Lady Jane, forced to raise him as her own, as punishment for her part in his mother's demise, mistrusts John greatly. She fears for herself, her son, and for her fragile, contrived and dishonest relationship with her husband. She persuades John's father to send him away.

While the Baron intends the boy to be his heir, John himself, for love of his brother Henry, denounces his right to the title. He does so, as he trusts his career as knight will suffice to further advance himself, while his sickly brother needs protection and care. He embarks, therefore, on his career to train as knight at the hall of his uncle by marriage,Lady Jane's brother.

But political strife, petty rivalry, and his ever growing love for his lord's daughter Catherine, force him to once more seek his legitimacy, and his patrimony. A Good Knight's Kiss is a story of love, chivalry and coming of age.
What's on your TBR list for the week? Let me know in the comments.

Have a marvelous Monday and a beautiful week!