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Marvelous Monday

Monday, November 28, 2016
Marvelous Monday 11/28, On My Kindle, Lexi, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Kyle, Lexi, and I did! We had my friend, Mike, over and spent the day snacking, playing Final Fantasy X HD Remastered, and playing with Lexi. She is warming up to her Uncle Mike; she walks by him when he's sitting down to check on me, and she allows him to pet her sometimes.

Kyle and I took her to see a groomer last week, but the experience wasn't as enjoyable as her first trip to the groomer with us. I wasn't too happy that the groomer took the trimmers to the area between her eyes and down her nose because she trimmed the area too close to her skin. I don't think that Lexi was too happy with the fact that someone used an electric trimmer so close to her eyes.

Needless to say, we won't be visiting that groomer again! Next month, we will take her to a groomer that a friend recommended. I hope Lexi likes this groomer and that the experience is a good one for her.

To be Reviewed

Since Kyle was home all last week, I didn't get much reading done. However, I still have a paid review to post and a review for Super Sporty 8: Attack of the Pegasi to share with you.

Data Pilots by W.H. Wall, Science Fiction, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews     Super Sporty 8: Attack of the Pegasi by Ellie Firestone, Children, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews

To be Read

I still have Realities by P.S. Winn and Creatures of Dawnia Book 1: Baby Rescue by Sam Savelli from last week's TBR list to read, and I'm adding a third book by another author I met at Penned Con 2016, Tricia Copeland, to the list:

Realities by P.S. Winn, science fiction, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
A young man, Ron, is found dead. The authorities say he hung himself. Mandy, knows that can't be true. She also finds she carries Ron's child and has to find the truth of what happened. What she uncovers, is a conspiracy that has repercussions for the child she carries. Both of their lives will be changed forever and maybe the rest of mankind as well.

Creatures of Dawnia by Sam Savelli, Children, action, adventure, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
When a baby pig is kidnapped by a goblin, the creatures of Dawnia City must unite to save her. Along the way, Fuzz the mouse makes many new friends including a pterodactyl who nearly eats him and a camel whose lifelong dream is to visit the moon.

Is This Me? by Tricia Copeland, New Adult, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Freshman year at her top college pick with her best friends is her dream come true. But after a crush goes wrong and an injury that is worse than she wants to admit, Amanda's lies are piling up. Is this how she wants to start her adult life? Is this the person she wants to be? Find out in Is This Me?
How was your Thanksgiving? What did you do for the holiday? Let me know in the comments.

Have a splendid week and a marvelous Monday!