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Marvelous Monday

Monday, December 5, 2016
Marvelous Monday 12/5/16, TBR, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Last week, I managed to get all three books on my TBR list read. I still have to write a review for one of them but I will get that knocked out today.

Besides reading, I did quite a bit of freelance content writing for BlogMutt. I managed to sell one of my posts last week, so I will probably write some more for that customer this week.

To be Reviewed

Here are the books that I will be reviewing this week:

Realities by P.S. Winn, Science Fiction, Conspiracy, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews     Creatures of Dawnia: Book 1: Baby Rescue by Sam Savelli, Children, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews     Is This Me? Being Me, Book 1 by Tricia Copeland, New Adult, College, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I'm really excited about sharing these books with you because this week's selection is so diverse!

To be Read

This week I have a book to read that is scheduled to be released on the 13th and a book to read from Sprkit, even though Sprkit's website is not really up and running as of yet.

Earthfall: The Circuit Book 3 by Rhett C. Bruno, Science Fiction, Space Opera, To be Read, On My Kindle Book Reviews
The conclusion to Rhett Bruno's stunning science fiction epic series The Circuit, which the San Francisco Book Review called "space opera that fans of Firefly and its ilk will appreciate."

Earth is uninhabitable, but beneath its ruined surface sits massive deposits of Gravitum, a powerful, dangerous element with the ability to generate artificial gravity. Whoever controls the element can control the settled regions of our solar system, now known as the Circuit. For centuries the peoples of the Circuit endured an uneasy, if peaceful alliance designed to share resources. Now the Tribunal, a religious order, is nearly ready to take over all of it. With only the reconvened band of Clans inhabiting the asteroid belt known as the Ceresian Pact standing between the Tribunal and system dominance, one man––Cassius Vale––intends to end their oppressive rule. Vale’s brutal and brilliant plan is nearly complete.

In order to gain more time to complete preparations, Vale builds an army under the control of his robotic creation ADIM in order to attack one of the leaders of the Tribune. ADIM loves his creator, but is growing more independent by the day, and soon may be too powerful for anyone to stop.

Talon Rayne, a mercenary, teams up with Sage Volus, a former Tribunal spy, when Talon discovers that his daughter has been captured by the very Tribunal leader Cassius Vale is after. Together, they have no choice but to ask for Vale’s help in saving her. Vale agrees, but are they just another cog in his scheme for bringing down the Tribune, or is there a part of him left that cares about anything other than vengeance?

The Beauty of the Fall by Rich Marcello, Sprkit, Fiction, To be Reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Dan Underlight, a divorced, workaholic technology executive, suffers lingering grief over the death of his ten-year-old son, Zack. When Dan's longtime friend and boss fires Dan from RadioRadio, the company that he helped create, he crashes and isolates himself.

Willow, a poet and domestic violence survivor, helps Dan regain his footing. With her support, Dan ventures on a pilgrimage of sorts, visiting Fortune 500 companies to flesh out a software start-up idea. He then recruits three former RadioRadio colleagues and starts Conversationworks, a company he believes will be at the vanguard of social change.

Guided by Dan's leadership, Conversationworks enjoys some early successes, but its existence is soon threatened on multiple fronts. Will Dan survive the ensuing corporate battles and realize the potential of his company? Or will he be defeated by his enemies and consumed by his grief?
Rich Marcello is hosting a contest this week on Goodreads where he is giving away 150 print copies of The Beauty of the Fall. Head on over there now, because the contest ends on December 12th!

I am adding only two books to my TBR list this week because they are both a bit lengthy, and I want to make sure that I finish Earthfall in time for its release on the 13th.

Last week was a productive and profitable week for me, and I am looking forward to sharing reviews with you and doing more writing.

What are you looking forward to this week? Let us know in the comments.

Have a fabulously productive week and a marvelous Monday!