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Friday, January 6, 2017
Miasma, Pete Alex Harris, Flashback Friday, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I reviewed Miasma by Pete Alex Harris back in July 2015 and I thought it was a really unique and cool mix of science fiction and mystery.

Unfortunately, Miasma has not received the amount of recognition that I hoped it would; especially since the premise is so original and its philosophical plot is definitely intriguing. It really does deserve more than a moment's notice and a third, or even fourth, glance.

Miasma, Flashback Friday, Pete Alex Harris, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Miasma is a colony world, isolated from the rest of humanity. The various communities living there accept their unique technological and social constraints without really examining them, and carry on being an advanced human civilisation as best they can. Lanton the packet runner, Emi the librarian, and Mokan the (arguably) mad scientist are each dissatisfied in different ways. Their three points of view take the story through mystery, thwarted passion, and life-threatening danger, ultimately facing a sinister explanation for what the Miasma colony really is.
Here's a snippet from my original review:
Given the title, I was expecting a darker story line with characters that were cynical and depressed. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrant and rich characters with distinctive and unique personalities. I really appreciated that Miasma's story flows effortlessly from one point of view to the next; readers have to really pay attention to the different points of view in order to find clues to solve the story's central mystery and each character's personal mysteries.
The few reviews that have been shared on Kobo,, and Barnes & Noble are also very complimentary and are indicative of the book's understated greatness. If you enjoy mysteries and science fiction, you really want to give Miasma a shot!

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About Pete Alex Harris

Pete Alex Harris, Miasma, Flashback Friday, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Pete Alex Harris, author. Photo courtesy of Goodreads.
I have only been writing seriously for a few years, perhaps because it's taken a long time for me to have any stories I wanted to tell.

But now, I find there are a few.

I mostly write SF, low-magic fantasy, and short horror.

My first fantasy novel, The Silk Mind is out as an e-book and may be a paperback some time this year.

My first SF novel, Miasma, has a little bit of romance and a little bit of puzzle, set on a far-future human colony. It's told from the viewpoints of three different people.

I have some short horror tales on the Shadows At The Door website.

My current WIP are the sequel to The Silk Mind (provisionally titled The Source of Fire) and a much darker SF/Horror called disOrder.
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It just so happens that Pete Alex Harris is running a caption contest! The prize is one of three paperback copies of Miasma. This contest ends in February, so make sure you check out the captions that others have entered and add a caption for your chance to win!

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