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Marvelous Monday

Monday, January 2, 2017
Marvelous Monday, to be reviewed, to be read, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I hope that everyone had a happy New Year's Day! While most of the world has been talking about setting resolutions, or not setting resolutions, I have been busy with the blog and resolving not to come up with a laundry list of resolutions.

If you didn't catch it yesterday, I participated in a cover reveal blitz for Right to Silence by Lily Luchesi and reviewed it. If you have been following the Paranormal Detectives series, here is your chance to see the cover and read my review before its release on January 17th!

I am also in the process of making some changes to My Life's Miscellany on CafePress. I plan on keeping the designs that have been selling well in CafePress' Marketplace in the shop, namely the "Equality" designs. The "Equality" designs are eye-catching and bright, so they are doing quite well in the highly competitive environment on CafePress; however, the other designs are not doing so well and I am looking at other POD providers to see which one will be a better match for my "geeky" designs.

To be Reviewed

Bound to the Truth, Lisa Brunette, Dreamslippers Series, to be reviewed, On My Kindle Book Reviews, Marvelous Monday

Since Kyle had last week off from work, I have had a difficult time staying focused when writing. As a result, this week's review schedule is going to be a bit different; rather than sharing a review with you tomorrow, I will share a featured title post tomorrow and my review for Bound to the Truth on Wednesday. 

To be Read

Despite some setbacks with my writing schedule, I am going to go on ahead and add two books to my TBR list this week:

At Death's Door, Astrid V. Tallaksen, to be read, On My Kindle Book Reviews, Marvelous Monday

The world is a pretty straightforward place. Even for medium Sara Stone things seem pretty simple, aside from the whole talking to spirits bit. But when the spirits get too hard to handle and Sara ends up admitted to a mental hospital, the world starts to seem a lot less straightforward. First her family disappears, including her four year old son. Then she gets the sneaking suspicion that not only are the staff at the mental hospital somehow connected, but they also have no intention of ever letting her leave the hospital.

Everything changes when Sara has her first visitor in three months. Daniel is handsome, friendly, and a complete stranger. When he promises to spring her from the hospital and swears that everything she's experienced is completely real, Sara has no choice but to believe him. But once she reaches a run-down Victorian house in the tiny Alabama town her rescuer calls home, the last thing she expects to discover is that every memory she has is a lie.

Daniel reveals a world filled with angels, demons, and an impending war humans know nothing about. Sara wants to ignore her role in the whole mess – all that matters is solving the mystery of where her son has gone. But the forces of Heaven, Hell, and the Heart have other plans for her. Can she find her child before the world comes crashing down?

Todd, Cynthia Ulmer, to be read, Marvelous Monday, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Todd is a southern novel about family love, faith and endurance. In 1943, ten year old Todd Jansan lives with his family on a North Carolina tobacco farm. The Jansan's neighbor, Horace Hammond is a cruel man who punishes his children by holding them over a well. The Jansans have to deal with his cruelty and with the mystery surrounding Todd's uncle who is off at war.
 It looks like I am going to be visiting two different worlds this week. How about you? What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments.

Have a marvelous Monday and an amazing week!