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Marvelous Monday

Monday, January 30, 2017
#MarvelousMonday 1/30/17, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I was planning on reviewing two books this week, but I ended up declining to review one of those books.

I hate promising to review a book for an author and then not following through on that promise. However, the author failed to disclose that the book contained one or more of the subject matters that I avoid; even after submitting the book as a featured title and checking the box on the form indicating agreement to my terms.

Let me assure you that I do not automatically disqualify a book for content because I consider the context. I also realize that an author might forget to disclose one or two situations in which these subject matters might pop up. The decision to decline an invitation to feature or review a book, or canceling a review, is not one that I make lightly.

Even though I'm short a book review this week, I have one book that I'm almost through reading to review this week and a couple of books to feature this week.

Currently Reading

Image of Creatures of Dawnia: A Collection of Adventures by Sam Savelli, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
A Collection of Stories includes twenty instalments from the series, Creatures of Dawnia. The series follows the adventures of a group of animals and other creatures in 'Dawnia City', as they encounter different friends and foes in a wide variety of stories. In this collection of stories they come up against the troublesome magic of Spell the witch and the bloodthirsty schemes of Derek the vampire. They also have plenty of fun together, solve arguments amongst themselves and visit the moon! The stories in this book are:

CAMPING in which witches ruin a camping trip

QUEEN WENDY in which Louis brings back cheese from the moon

THE VAMPIRE'S DINNER in which Dack meets a vampire

A VISITOR in which Maddie tries to play Twister

SPELL'S NEMESIS in which Spell's nemesis

A TRIP TO THE MOON (4 parts) in which everyone goes to the moon

A SHEEP AND A VAMPIRE in which Derek the vampire returns to Dawnia

MADDIE AND THE FARMER in which Maddie terrorises the farmer

BATTLE OF THE ELVES in which Dula becomes a peacemaker

THE PAINTING OF TERROR in which Dougle paints a masterpiece

BAD DACK (2 parts) in which Dack eats his best friend

BABY RESCUE AGAIN in which Derek dresses up as the farmer

FRIENDS FOREVER in which Fuzz eats a lot of omelette

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN (3 parts) in which Derek lures everyone to his childhood home

To be Read

Image of From Ice to Ashes by Rhett C. Bruno, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews
A humble laborer is caught in the tensions between Earth and Titan, the now-colonized moon of Saturn, in a standalone novel set in the universe of Titanborn (“Sci-fi noir at its finest.”—David Simpson, author of the Post-Human series).

Kale Drayton knows his place. As a Ringer, he’s used to keeping his head down and his mouth shut—no matter how much the Earthers abuse him or his own kind berate him. So when he’s caught stealing from a wealthy merchant, he’s lucky to be sentenced to low-paying maintenance work on a gas-harvesting ship instead of life in a cell . . . or worse.

But when his mother is quarantined, Kale finds himself backed into a corner. To pay for her medicine, he needs money—the kind of money he’ll never make sweeping floors and cleaning ships. So when he receives a mysterious offer asking him to do a simple job in exchange for his mother’s treatment, Kale takes a chance once more. All he has to do is upload a program onto his employer’s ship and all of his problems will disappear.

What starts as a straightforward smuggling gig soon reveals its shattering repercussions. The people who hired Kale are more dangerous than he suspected—and he’s more important to them than he ever could have imagined.

Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurtles their souls forward through time. After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day.

One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver.

Will their reunion return their full powers, or end their souls journey forever?
Have you read any of the books that I'm currently reading or will be reading? Let me know, and have a marvelous Monday and a super week!