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* Cover Reveal * Damien Dickens Mysteries by Phyllis Entis

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Damien Dickens Mysteries, Phyllis Entis, Cover Reveal, On M Kindle Book Reviews

I have some wonderful news! The author of the Damien Dickens Mysteries series, Phyllis Entis, is releasing a compilation which includes the first three books in the series!

Damien Dickens Mysteries, Phyllis Entis, Featured Title,


Damien Dickens Mysteries is a compilation of the first three books in the series, namely: The Green Pearl Caper (a Library Journal SELF-e Selection), The White Russian Caper and The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper (a Readers’ Favorite 5-star book).

Prologue to The Green Pearl Caper

I killed Celine. A couple of teenagers found her body last Sunday morning, half-hidden under the Boardwalk, a single bullet hole through her chest. The bullet came from my Smith & Wesson 29, the gun found on the beach not far from where Celine lay.

It wasn’t my finger that pulled the trigger. I wasn’t there when she died. Even so, I killed her. She came to me for help; I had bailed her out of a tight spot in the past, and she trusted me. But, this time, I let her down. I didn’t believe she was really in danger. I screwed up, and Celine paid the price. She was murdered, and it’s my fault.

Celine walked into my office on July 16, 1979. Less than one week later, she was dead.


Still not convinced that this is totally awesome? Check out these editorial reviews for the series:

The Green Pearl Caper
If you are looking for an entertaining, easy-to-read murder mystery, look no further - Phyllis Entis' The Green Pearl Caper: A Damien Dickens Mystery fits the bill. If you love Perry Mason, or other shows of that era, you will love this book! Enjoy a trip back to the past with this enjoyable mystery. - Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

The White Russian Caper 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading [The White Russian Caper], and even though it is part of a series, it is a book that can very much be read on its own. The problem I now have will be immediately finding the first book in the series to read as I enjoyed this one so much. I highly recommend anyone interested in mystery or crime to read The White Russian Caper by Phyllis Entis and I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. It is a very easy read with a thoroughly enjoyable storyline and with no graphic violence. Phyllis Entis is a wonderful writer and I hope to read more from her in the future. -
... a sensational book...[with]... murder, kidnapping, a touch of history, and more. - Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite 

The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper
[A]n intense and exciting sleuth mystery...thrilling and addictive. - Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite
If you're wondering what I thought about the books, I loved them; however, feel free to read the longer reviews that I shared last year.

About Phyllis Entis

Image of Phyllis Entis, Damien Dickens Mysteries, Featured Title, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Phyllis Entis, Author
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I am proud and honored that The Green Pearl Caper has been named as a Library Journal SELF-e Selection.

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and am a graduate of McGill University and the University of Toronto. I turned a love of science into a career in food safety microbiology that lasted for thirty-five years.

Upon retiring, I decided to follow a different dream. I inherited a love for language and wordplay from my mother and my grandfather, and a love of reading from my father. This heritage, along with a lifetime of reading Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton, and Louise Penny mysteries, inspired me to create Damien Dickens, Private Investigator.

I live in Carmel, California with my husband and our Australian Cobberdog. When I'm not working on a Damien Dickens story, I can be found baking, tending the garden, or sharing long walks.

Connect with Phyllis Entis 

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 Reserve your copy of Damien Dickens Mysteries for only $3.99

If you wait until after Damien Dickens Mysteries is released on March 30th, the price will increase to $5.99 so make sure to preorder your copy today!

If you love audiobooks, keep an eye out for the audiobook edition of The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper. Phyllis tells me that it should be released early next month, so make sure to check out the trailer on YouTube and follow her on social media to be one of the first to know about its release.

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