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On My Kindle Update

Friday, March 10, 2017

Since I have been offline for quite some time, I thought that an update was in order.

The past three weeks that I've been offline have been nothing short of brutal and busy. I am completely moved out of the apartment that I shared with Kyle, both Lexi and I are becoming accustomed to our new residence and new schedule, and the divorce paperwork has been signed and (hopefully) filed.

I really cannot say any more about the situation since I agreed not to say anything disparaging about Kyle to third parties, and I really don't want anything that I write about the divorce here on the blog to be interpreted as disparaging. I will say that I'm safe, that I'm taking care of myself and Lexi, and that I do plan on returning to this blog eventually. I'm working through the emotions of the situation and Lexi is right there with me. She reverted to some of the behaviors that she exhibited when Kyle and I first got her; however, she is starting to come around as she makes herself at home in the new place.

I want to thank the folks who have taken the time to show concern, sent me words of encouragement, and those who have offered to help in any way they can. I really appreciate it! I also want to thank the authors who, despite waiting anxiously for reviews, have given me space to deal with this situation. The greatest gift that I can receive right now from you is time and space to deal, so thanks for that!

I'll be back just as soon as I can. In the meantime, take care of yourselves!