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* On My Kindle Update * I'm Coming Back Soon!

Friday, March 31, 2017
On My Kindle Update, miscellany, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I know that it's been over a month since I've really been online, but my break is coming to an end!

Beginning April 10th, I'll start sharing Marvelous Monday posts, book reviews, and Flashback Friday posts with you.

I have a "day job" now; which will give my psychologist and I the opportunity to see if I can actually handle holding down a job, if I need to explore part-time opportunities, or if I need to be on disability. It seems a bit daunting right now, but I'm focusing on the positive aspects of receiving a steady paycheck.

I'm currently not accepting featured title requests until I have a better understanding of my schedule and figure out how to balance work, writing, reading, and having some time to myself.

Since I didn't get much reading done during my absence from the blog, I'm even more backlogged than I was before. This means I am not accepting book review requests from authors I haven't worked with before. For authors who I have promised book reviews to; please be patient, I will read your book just as soon as I can.

To all of the authors and my followers who sent me messages of support privately, or on social media, thank you! I really appreciated your concern for me and words of encouragement. I'm doing much better and Lexi is adapting very well to our new environment; including being watched by her "Uncle Mike" when I'm not at home.

Lexi Rowell, Maltese, 8 yrs, taken 3/29/17, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Lexi Rowell, taken 3/29/17
See you soon!