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* Flashback Friday * Evelina by Tim Pearsall

Friday, April 28, 2017
Flashback Friday, Evelina, Tim Pearsall

Two years ago in July, an author by the name of Tim Pearsall asked me to review Evelina - Love You to Death, the first book in his horror/adventure series "Evelina."

To be honest, I wasn't too sure what to think of the book. In my younger years, I was an avid follower of Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" starring a devious, egotistical, maniacal, and manipulative vampire named Lestat as a protagonist. Years later, when Tim Pearsall introduced me to his questionable protagonist, Evelina, I felt up to the challenge of learning more about her.

It didn't take me very long to discover that Evelina was anything but your typical vampire who needed blood from her victims in order to survive. Instead, I realized that Evelina was a kind of vampire that I'd heard about in passing; a sort of psychic vampire that feeds on strong emotions, particularly fear or anger.

Evelina, Tim Pearsall, Flashback Friday, On My Kindle Book Reviews

I liked Love You to Death well enough. It was well-written and I was on board with her being a protagonist; however, I mentioned that Evelina's flashbacks threw me off at first and I would have liked a more linear look at her history.

Rather than being put off by the criticism, Tim Pearsall offered to let me read and review the second book in the series, We All Die Alone, in which I learned more about Evelina and her pursuers. I enjoyed reading more about Evelina's rich history and was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to read and review the third book, First Kill.

Reviews of "Evelina"

You can look at my reviews to see my thoughts about each book in the series individually. Also, even though several reviewers have mixed feelings about the series, Evelina has received quite a bit of praise:

Love You to Death
I must admit this was shockingly good. I didn't want to put it down.
 - Review by Fabiola Meza Castro
I found this to be quite the interesting read. Evelina is a being created, crafted.
- Review by J Aislynn d'Merricksson
We All Die Alone
The plot is so intriguing that enjoying it is simply inevitable! The book is just one brilliant page turner!
- Review by Hallie
What an intriguing book...
- Review by carrie
First Kill
The plot and characters are compelling, so I am waiting eagerly for the fourth book to be added to the series.
- Review by Keith
The tension in the plot is just amazing!
- Review by Hallie     

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About Tim Pearsall

Tim Pearsall, Evelina, Flashback Friday, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Tim Pearsall, author. Courtesy of Goodreads.
Timothy Pearsall was born in England and grew up in the industrial West Midlands known as 'the black country'. As a young man he moved to London where he began to write fiction as a hobby. The hobby was largely shelved for several years when he married and had children. He now lives in Norwich, England, and works in local government. Now that his children are grown up and he is widowed, he is able to spend more time writing, he has updated and renamed his Domina Mortis books and released Evelina as the first in a dark paranormal series.

He describes Evelina as a "dirty and Stabby" supernatural soap heroine.

He describes himself from the Desiderata poem as an off-the-peg person 'going placidly amid the noise and haste'.

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Evelina's story grew on me, and I am really looking forward to reading more about her. If you enjoy reading books like Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles," I recommend that you give Tim Pearsall's Evelina a shot. I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised.