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Marvelous Monday

Monday, April 17, 2017
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It's another marvelous Monday at On My Kindle! I'm starting to get used to working again, and I'm well on my way to figuring out how to get some quality reading time in each day.

Besides working and reading, I'm getting out and about a bit more than usual because my friend, Mike, and I have been taking Lexi to the park at least once a week. She really enjoys walking around in a big, open area with new sights, sounds, and smells.

Lexi Rowell, Charity Rowell, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Lexi at the park. Taken April 14, 2017 by Charity Rowell

The angle of the picture isn't all that great, but she really isn't panting; she's walking around with a big ol' doggie grin on her face because she's at the park.

I also changed mobile phone carriers from Straight Talk to Cricket and, because I ported my number to Cricket, I got a free phone with a better camera. I'm thrilled because I'm paying less a month for 4G data (not that I really use it that often) than I was for 3G data AND I got a phone with a better camera to capture moments like the one above. In short, be prepared to see more pictures of Lexi on the blog in the future!

I'm working for a wonderful employer with plenty of supervisors who have experience working with employees who have PTSD. Most of them have figured out that I'm overly self-critical, and they encourage me to focus on my strengths while giving me tips on how to overcome challenges. Even though I still struggle with anxiety before going to work each day, it doesn't last too long in the positive work environment.

That's about all of the news that I have to share about my life, so let's check out what I'm reading:

Currently Reading

Fight for the Kingdom, Victoria Schwimley, to be read
It's summer vacation and all Aiden can think about is the coming camping trip, where he is going to convince his dad he's mature enough to join the Adventure Scouts. Aiden gets plenty of opportunities to prove this when he and his brother, Trystan, follow a mysterious light behind a waterfall and step through to the other side, and into the Kingdom of Anka-where they must defend the kingdom from an angry dragon, who is intent on retrieving her stolen egg. On their quest, they encounter some interesting characters, including the beautiful Queen Aryana-the youngest ruler in history; the peddler, Jay James-who possesses a magic stone the group desperately wants; Zachary-keeper of the foxes, who can't seem to keep track of a single fox; the two beautiful fairies, Jayden and Jacy-who help the group out of some sticky situations; the competent guide, Alyssa-without whom the group would be lost; and Fizzle girl, who will help them rise above their problems.

To Be Read

Twice as Fatal, Jarvis Mann, R. Weir, To be Read
Twice the business, twice the danger and Twice as Fatal. PI Jarvis Mann has two cases he is working, making his professional and personal life twice as difficult.

Ray Malone is a promising college football star whose career is derailed by injuries When he disappears, close friend Jarvis is recruited by Ray’s father to locate him. After tracking him down a video is sent of Ray with the warning of it going public, threatening his career and those that love him.

Case two has landlord Kate Tanner hiring Jarvis to gather evidence against her cheating, thieving husband so she can divorce him. As Jarvis investigates he learns of the husband’s connection to a powerful man, with a dangerously perverted agenda that crosses into Kate’s life with deadly consequences.

Across the Rocky Mountain Front Range Jarvis tries to balance both cases, each dragging him deeper into different sleazy underworlds, jeopardizing him, his clients and their families. With danger and death all around him, he somehow must rescue everyone before this fatal business claims the lives of all involved, his life and the one he is growing to love.

Camelot's Queen, Guinevere's Tale, Nicole Evelina, to be read
Forced into a marriage she neither anticipated nor desired, Guinevere finds herself High Queen, ruling and fighting alongside Arthur as they try to subdue the Saxons, Irish and Picts who threaten Britain from every direction. Though her heart still longs for her lost love, Guinevere slowly grows to care for her husband as they join together to defeat their enemies.

Meanwhile, within the walls of Camelot their closest allies plot against them. One schemes to make Guinevere his own, another seeks revenge for past transgressions, while a third fixes her eyes on the throne. When the unthinkable happens and Guinevere is feared dead, Arthur installs a new woman in her place, one who will poison his affections toward her, threatening Guinevere’s fragile sanity and eventually driving her into the arms of her champion.

Amid this tension a new challenge arises for the king and queen of Camelot: finding the Holy Grail, a sacred relic that promises lasting unity. But peace, as they will soon learn, can be just as dangerous as war. As the court begins to turn on itself, it becomes clear that the quest that was to be Arthur’s lasting legacy may end in the burning fires of condemnation.

This highly anticipated sequel to Daughter of Destiny proves there is much more to Guinevere’s story than her marriage and an affair. See the legend you think you know through her eyes and live the adventure of Camelot’s golden days yourself – but prepared to suffer its downfall as well.

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle, The Red King Trilogy, E.M. McIntyre
A kidnapped father. An ancient tome. A mystical gem. When 14-yr old Abby Fletcher returns home to present day Scotland with the help of her magical dog, Finlay, she receives a disturbing message: the Book of Shay in exchange for the life of her father. Pressed for time, Abby and the young Scotsman, Rory, set off in search of the mysterious book. In a whirlwind adventure filled with time travel, frightful adversaries and enchanted beings, their path leads to a timeworn stone circle. There, with Berry Brae’s secret revealed, Abby must make a life-changing decision in this second installment of the Red King Trilogy.
Have you read any of the books that I'm getting ready to read? What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments!

Have a marvelous Monday and an amazing week!