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Marvelous Monday

Monday, May 1, 2017
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Beginning last week, I was sick with a cold and had laryngitis as a result. This week, the head cold has developed into a full-fledged chest cold that I'm having a tough time getting over.

I have come to the conclusion that all of Hollywood's theories about an apocalypse brought on by an epidemic are incorrect. Ground zero for a pre-apocalyptic epidemic will not be located in a hospital, a military base (secret or otherwise), or an underground facility operated by a private company; it will be a call center.

Why? I think it's because the work itself doesn't take a whole lot of physical effort. You can do the job as long as the illness doesn't render you deaf, blind, or mute; you can walk in oozing mucus out of almost all of your orifices and you will be allowed to work.

This round of illness is an excellent reminder of why I avoid working in call centers; I do really well on the phones, but I'm constantly sick.

Updates for On My Kindle

Speaking of avoiding call center work, I have a bit of news to share. I have a new, full-time job that I am starting this week and my posting schedule will change. I'm not too sure how it's going to work out; however, for the time being, I'll post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings around 7:00 or 8:00 CST and my newsletter will be e-mailed on Mondays at 11:00 pm CST. If I need to change the schedule, y'all will be the first to know.

The new job is a positive change. The call center agreed to give me the same days off from week to week to accommodate extra psychology appointments as needed; however, after a few weeks, they reneged on the agreement and changed my days off. With the new job, my days off and the tasks I perform will remain relatively consistent. It is also a full-time job, which will make paying down debts that were acquired during the marriage and saving up money for things that I need a whole lot easier.

Another feature you may have noticed on the blog's sidebar is the "Featured Playlist." The playlist contains music that I'm listening to while writing reviews and will change periodically as my moods change; probably every couple of weeks or so. I want to make my younger followers aware that the subject matters, language, and other content in some of the videos on my playlist are for mature audiences. To keep On My Kindle somewhat "family friendly," the videos do not play automatically. In order to listen to the music or view the videos, you have to click the "Play" button.

What I'm Currently Reading

I think I've managed to hit my stride with reading and reviewing books, but we'll see after a week or so of working for my new employer.

Camelot's Queen, Guinevere's Tale, Nicole Evelina, currently reading, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Forced into a marriage she neither anticipated nor desired, Guinevere finds herself High Queen, ruling and fighting alongside Arthur as they try to subdue the Saxons, Irish and Picts who threaten Britain from every direction. Though her heart still longs for her lost love, Guinevere slowly grows to care for her husband as they join together to defeat their enemies.

Meanwhile, within the walls of Camelot their closest allies plot against them. One schemes to make Guinevere his own, another seeks revenge for past transgressions, while a third fixes her eyes on the throne. When the unthinkable happens and Guinevere is feared dead, Arthur installs a new woman in her place, one who will poison his affections toward her, threatening Guinevere’s fragile sanity and eventually driving her into the arms of her champion.

Amid this tension a new challenge arises for the king and queen of Camelot: finding the Holy Grail, a sacred relic that promises lasting unity. But peace, as they will soon learn, can be just as dangerous as war. As the court begins to turn on itself, it becomes clear that the quest that was to be Arthur’s lasting legacy may end in the burning fires of condemnation.

This highly anticipated sequel to Daughter of Destiny proves there is much more to Guinevere’s story than her marriage and an affair. See the legend you think you know through her eyes and live the adventure of Camelot’s golden days yourself – but prepared to suffer its downfall as well.

Up Next

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle, E.M. McIntyre, Red King Trilogy, to be read, On My Kindle Book Reviews
A kidnapped father. An ancient tome. A mystical gem. When 14-yr old Abby Fletcher returns home to present day Scotland with the help of her magical dog, Finlay, she receives a disturbing message: the Book of Shay in exchange for the life of her father. Pressed for time, Abby and the young Scotsman, Rory, set off in search of the mysterious book. In a whirlwind adventure filled with time travel, frightful adversaries and enchanted beings, their path leads to a timeworn stone circle. There, with Berry Brae’s secret revealed, Abby must make a life-changing decision in this second installment of the Red King Trilogy.
What are you reading this week? Have you read the books that I'm currently reading or will be reading soon? If so, what did you think of them?

Have a marvelous Monday and a delightful week!