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Monday, June 19, 2017
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I think I told you that I purchased a booster seat for Lexi for safety purposes and because we thought she was getting car sick from laying in the seat while we drove around town. Well, we were wrong.

Apparently, the air conditioner doesn't work well enough to cool the back seat area sufficiently and she was getting overheated. After a bit of trial and error, Mike and I came up with a solution; rig up the booster seat so that it hangs in the middle of the back seat and point a couple of the air conditioner vents towards her. It seems to have worked, she gets the "wind in her hair" feeling and it keeps her cool in this humid and oppressive heat that we've been experiencing lately.

Lexi, On My Kindle Book Reviews

The picture above shows how she enjoys her booster seat and it was taken before we relocated it over to the middle. As you can see, she got a lot of sunlight near the rear window and moving her to the middle reduces her exposure to direct sunlight. For folks who are worried about her safety, there is a tether running from her harness, which is buckled into the seatbelt lock. While a pet carrier would be safer, she would be miserable in such an enclosed space.

In other news, after some difficulty, On My Kindle is now on Instagram! Follow me on Instagram to see more photos of Lexi and to see frequent updates on the books I have finished and what I'm currently reading.

Currently Reading

 The Collector, Rhett C. Bruno, Currently Reading

Malcolm Graves lives by two rules: finish the job, and get paid.

In this prequel novella to Rhett C. Bruno's Award-winning TITANBORN, join Malcolm on a mission gone awry. After twenty years as a Collector for Pervenio Corp., chasing bounties and extinguishing rebellions throughout the solar system, he is on a routine pickup job for a wealthy offworlder heir who ran away from home. But when a mad scientist get's his hands on the bounty, Malcolm gets caught up in a twisted plot to develop working androids.

Up Next

Up Next, Marvelous Monday, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Remember last week when I told you I promised to share my thoughts about a book with the author privately, then I would share the review after the book was released? Well, since I'm almost halfway through The Collector, I am going to start reading that book.

Providence Paranormal College, D.R. Perry, Up Next, On My Kindle Book Reviews, Marvelous Monday
If you don’t own your mistakes they’ll own you.

Wolf shifter Josh Dennison shouldn’t tempt coincidence, or he’ll end up ill-fated, like his missing brother and maimed sister. The wolves pledged neutrality when the Goblin King and Sidhe Queen split up centuries ago. But he’s falling for the one woman he can’t have, a Kelpie whose magic comes straight from the Goblin King’s court.

Nox Phillips has hidden on campus since she undid the Queen’s punishing spell. When she and Josh work together again, their mutual attraction can’t be denied. But for any favor shown to one Faerie court, a price must be paid to the other. Nothing can erase Nox’s guilt or prevent the Sidhe Queen from putting her on trial. How far will Josh go to save her?

Of Wolf and Peace is a full-length novel with a happy ending for the main couple. Readers will still be left wondering who is next in the attempt to close down the college.

Return to Providence Paranormal College in this full-length novel. Extrahumans of all types abound on this urban campus on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island. This Ivy-League college recently opened its doors to anyone with enough talent. The Admissions Department at PPC enrolls humans with extraordinary grades, the magically and psychically inclined, vampires, werewolves, changelings, and even magic shifters like dragons and Kelpies. Come take a tour! If you like YA and NA Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy with strong romantic subplots, you’ll feel right at home here.
Since I seem to be doing well with my current posting schedule, I am thinking about posting on Saturdays. I'd like you to help me choose what type of post to share on Saturdays:
  1. "Flashback Friday" type posts 
  2. "Featured Title" posts
  3. Both options; with "Flashback Friday" type posts on Saturdays when the "Featured Title" queue is empty.
I'm thinking of going with the third option because this option will allow me to post consistently on Saturdays. Which option would you prefer? Let me know in the comments.

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Have a marvelous Monday and stay cool this week!