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* Giveaway * The Mercenary by Petra Landon

Saturday, August 19, 2017
Petra Landon, giveaway, The Mercenary

I have some awesome news! To celebrate the 5 days before The Mercenary is released, Quill and Ink Book Tours and Petra Landon have generously agreed to host a giveaway for a free ARC of The Mercenary!

The Mercenary, Petra Landon, Amazon
In a far corner of the galaxy, a deadly war rages on. The Budheya people are one of the worst affected. Once the most advanced civilization in the quadrant, they now struggle under the cruel yoke of Ketaari occupation.

Saakshi, a Budheya girl imprisoned by the Ketaari Imperial Forces, is sent to a distant space station to work as a server girl in an alehouse. For a girl who has known only hardship in her short life, things could be worse. Until an old foe from the past walks into the alehouse. Alone, friendless and far from home, desperation forces her to turn to an unlikely source for assistance. Zoran is Hadari’Kor, notorious across star systems for their prowess in battle. Their reputation as nomadic mercenaries who owe allegiance to none and only fight for hire make people wary of tangling with them.

The fallout from this improbable alliance between a Budheya rebel and the Hadari’Kor mercenary reverberates across space. Old assumptions are broken and new partnerships between unlikely allies forged. Through the minefield of shifting alliances, Zoran must fight to protect Saakshi from a relentless enemy. When passion flames amidst the embers of a smoldering war, will one warrior’s quest for justice being a mighty Empire to it’s knees …
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Romance
Format: eBook
Publication Date: August 25, 2017
Series: The War Chronicles

Official Sweepstakes' Rules


Start Date: 8/19/2017 12:00 AM CST
End Date:  8/24/2017 11:59 PM CST


One person will win a digital copy of the ARC (advance release copy) of The Mercenary by Petra Landon. Only one prize will be awarded to a lucky follower of On My Kindle. 

A winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter, the winner's name will be announced in this post's comments on August 26th, and the winner will receive a notification from On My Kindle via email. The sponsor of this giveaway, Quill & Ink Book Tours, will provide the winner with a digital ARC of The Mercenary via email.


Only U.S. residents 18 years' of age or older can enter. Employees of Quill & Ink or their family members, or employees and family members of On My Kindle or Charity Rowell may not enter. 


Participants are only allowed to enter once. Multiple entries by the same person will be discarded and incomplete entries will be considered invalid and discarded.

Participants must:
  • Provide a valid email address
  • Provide their first name
  • You can earn additional chances to win by visiting Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and websites.
Please use a valid email address that you check frequently to receive an email notification from me if you won and to receive your prize from Quill & Ink. If I do not receive a response from the winner within 24-hours of notification, I will choose another winner at random.  

Good luck!