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Monday, August 28, 2017
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Last week was incredibly busy and tough for both of us. I started a new job, was in training Monday through Friday, and had Saturday off before I started taking calls on Sunday.

I still don't know what weekday I will have off this week and, to make matters worse, my employer has decided to call for mandatory overtime starting September 5th. Rather than having us come in an hour early or stay an hour late, the employer decided to make us come in on our weekday off; leaving us with only Saturdays off. Given my mental health issues, working six days a week is not something I'm capable of doing at this point in time. I spoke to my supervisor about my situation and offered a compromise: I would come in an hour early or stay an hour late, which would allow the employer to meet business needs because I would work the same number of hours per week as the other part-time workers while still allowing me to have two days off a week.

Seems like a reasonable compromise, right? Especially since I disclosed my issues during the interview and was assured that any "overtime" required would consist of me coming in early or staying late. Yeah, well... My supervisor told me that the decision was above his pay grade and I would probably need medical documentation, so it looks like I'm going to need to make a formal request for a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Hopefully, my new psychologist will back me up and provide the documentation. If she doesn't, my only recourse is to either push myself past my limits or resign.

To add to the stress I'm already feeling, Mike took Lexi to Petco to redeem a voucher to get some of her shots administered for free. He showed up well before the "wellness clinic" closed at 1:00, but the vet decided to close while there was still a line of people waiting to be served. Now I have to wait another two weeks for my second paycheck to take Lexi to her vet to get her shots done and over with, along with her annual checkup. However, if the issue with my employer is not resolved, then my second paycheck will probably be short a week.

Oh yeah... I found out yesterday that Mike's car has a crack in the radiator. His friend says it can be repaired, but that will also take money that none of us have.

However, I do have some positive news. I've been asked to interview with another company tomorrow that offers the same part-time shifts that my current employer does, it is closer to where I live, and I believe I can get two days off a week.

Currently Reading

With all that's going on, it's been tough to focus on what I'm reading; which makes it difficult to write a halfway decent review. Rather than do a poor job of writing reviews, I've been taking a bit more time than I normally do to read a book.

November Snow, Shannon A. Thompson, Goodreads
When Daniel and Serena unite, their accidental relationship becomes the catalyst for a twelve-year war to continue. Exposing the twisted past of a corrupt city, Daniel, Serena, and everyone they know will come together to fight. But Serena has another battle.

After a political rumor threatens their lives, Serena must leave her family and join the political front against her will. To survive apart, Daniel has to separate his love from his hatred and join forces with his worst memory to secure Vendona’s war. But very few of them will survive to see the last day. Bad blood or human, a city will burn, snow will fall, and all will be united by catastrophic secrets and irrevocable tragedy.

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I've probably shared a bit more about myself this week than you need to know. At the same time, you need to know that I've been struggling and I honestly just needed to write about it to get it out of my system.

Have a marvelous Monday and a fabulous week!