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Monday, September 4, 2017
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Hatty Canty. Courtesy of UNLV Speical Collections.
I know Lexi has been gracing the covers of my Marvelous Monday posts; however, because it's Labor Day, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a labor activist who has been ignored in our labor history books.

The labor activist pictured above is Hatty Canty. She started out as a maid, joined the Las Vegas Hotel and Culinary Workers Union Local 226 was elected to their executive board, and is known for leading strikes to demand better working conditions and benefits for hotel and casino workers.

I normally don't like to cite Wikipedia, but the article leads to even more informative articles about this woman who fought for workers.

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I had to change up my reading list because I received an ARC that I've been waiting for. 

Kingdom of Honor, Tricia Copeland, Currently Reading
Jude only knows one thing: he must rescue Camille. It doesn’t matter what must be done to save her from the evil coven, he will do it. But once she’s recovered, what will his role be? How does he fit into the trinity’s prophecy? Find out in this urban fantasy adventure novel that finds the Kingdom Journals characters traversing the globe in search of Camille, and the key to breaking an age-old curse.

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March 20 This isn’t fair! I see his face every time I close my eyes, hear his mother’s words echo in my dreams. And he’s a headline again? How do I move past the rage and guilt when he won’t go away? I need him gone. He doesn’t get to win like this. I won’t let him. –Amanda

Amanda’s first year of college is fraught with drama and parental scrutiny. With her relationship secure and a clean break from her parents, all she wants is a normal term. But fate steps in and deals a shattering blow. Think You Know Me will keep you guessing from the first chapter.
I have a lot to be excited and hopeful about this week! I have a new psychologist who recommended EMDR, a treatment that has been shown as effective for PTSD, and she referred me to the psychologist in her practice who is licensed to administer the treatment. I met with the EMDR psychologist last week and he believes I am a good candidate for the treatment. My first session is in October.

My new psychologist and I have decided to meet weekly, rather than monthly, and I feel that she will work with me to address some of the day-to-day challenges I face while coping with PTSD. I liked my former psychologist but, looking back, I feel that we focused less on me and my health and more on saving the marriage.

To add to these feelings of hopefulness and positivity, I begin training tomorrow with my new employer. During the interview, I disclosed the fact that I have PTSD and explained why I was asking for the specific hours and days off. My interviewer disclosed her PTSD diagnosis and mentioned how she struggled with job hopping and attendance issues before she was diagnosed. Then she told me that she'd been with the company for three years. She explained how supportive and understanding management is, and she believed that I would be a good fit. She also mentioned that the company maintains a blog and, when an opening becomes available, I can apply to join their content department!

Needless to say, I'm stoked about this new job opportunity and the opportunity to try a different treatment for PTSD!

Lexi, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Lexi Rowell. Photo by Charity Rowell
With all that's been going on, Lexi and I have been enjoying a quiet weekend. How about you? How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Have a marvelous Monday and a splendid week!