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Monday, September 11, 2017
Marvelous Monday, TBR, currently reading, On My Kindle Book Reviews

After having a difficult day with my new (now former) employer, Lexi and I decided to take a mental health break last Wednesday. We went on a really long walk, which it looks like Lexi enjoyed.

Yesterday, Mike and I took Lexi to get her annual vaccinations. We got a free voucher from Petco for all of them except for her rabies and, since I'm unemployed, I figured free was better than putting them off. She handled the heartworm blood draw and the rabies shot like a champ. We discovered that she weighs 7.5 lbs; however, she's not overweight and we've also started taking her for longer walks. 

The vet confirmed what I suspected, she does have a cavity on one of her back teeth and a root is exposed on another tooth. I'll need to take her to her regular vet to figure out our next steps and to monitor the situation. Also, Lexi started favoring one of her back legs on Saturday, so the vet took a look at it and there seems to be a problem with the knee. We were told that the only way to correct it is surgery and most vets don't recommend the surgery for small dogs. The vet wasn't overly concerned and said that this is common for dogs Lexi's age. We suspect that the longer walks could be the cause, so we'll be a little more careful about the length of the walks in the future.

Overall, she is happy and healthy. We plan to do everything we can to keep it that way!

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Huddled in the last bastion of civilization, the battered remnants of humanity rebuild after centuries of conflict known as the Aeternum Wars. Ruled by the all-powerful Patriarch, what is left of humankind now live out their lives under the ever watchful eye of the Ministry.

When his parents are murdered by Ministry Breakers, seventeen- year-old Oren is forced to flee into the deadly Miralaja desert, leaving behind his best friend Clementine, and the life he once knew. As clues of his past fall into place, so too are the dark designs of the Ministry laid bare.

With Oren gone, Clementine is driven to the streets where she is faced with a choice—steal, or starve. Not one to give up, Clem adapts and thrives, using her mastery of geo-tech to earn a small fortune, and a large reputation. Everything was going brilliantly until she took a job infiltrating a Ministry Defense building. Now she too must flee New Arcadia, with a dark secret she dares not ignore.

On an epic journey to unravel ancient mysteries, young outcasts Oren and Clementine find themselves fighting not only for their own survival, but for that of all citizens of New Arcadia.

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In case you haven't noticed, I added a new badge to the "Communities" category in the sidebar because I'm now also reading for IndieBrag. I also added a new badge to the "Products I Like" category in the sidebar for Cheesecake & Chocolate. A friend of mine runs a cupcake business and is working on several organic, vegan, and gluten free options. It's a small business so, if you like supporting small businesses, make sure to click on the badge!

I'm still pretty disappointed by the disparate treatment I received from my latest employer. Due to the circumstances surrounding the incident, I am contacting my local EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) branch to see if I have grounds to file a complaint. To be honest, it's a bit disheartening; I believe I can work, under the right circumstances, and I'm quite tired of employers telling me during the interviews and job offer processes that they are willing to work with my situation, only to discover that the promises were empty once I'm hired on. 

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do now, but I will at least have something interesting to share with my psychologist during my appointment this week.

Have a marvelous Monday and an awesome week!

Marvelous Monday, currently reading, TBR, On My Kindle Book Reviews