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Marvelous Monday

Monday, September 18, 2017
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After getting Lexi her shots, I ran into another issue; how to protect Lexi from becoming infested with fleas.

Since I can't afford to refill the Negard she was taking, I had to look for less expensive alternatives. I'm not very happy about this since the dogs that live downstairs have fleas, and Lexi is being exposed to them whenever she goes out to the yard and whenever anyone who lives downstairs comes upstairs.

In addition to the Nexgard, which doesn't repel mosquitoes, I was using a natural spray repellant that works to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes on both humans and pets. When used on Lexi without the Nexgard, the results varied and its effectiveness is hit-and-miss on me as well. Anyway, since flea collars seem to be ineffective in this area, I decided to use a less expensive version of Frontline called PetArmor. Since I just started using it, I can't say if it's effective or not; however, I figured it was worth a shot.

Fortunately, I have a pet-friendly skin spray that I used to help reduce itchiness because, even though the Nexgard was mostly effective, it didn't keep her from getting the occasional flea bite. I am also grateful that Heartgard is affordable and I can keep her on it to prevent heartworms.

Currently Reading

Last week, I indicated that I was going to read Success Talks by Rajasaraswatii. I reviewed his book, I Want to be a Millionaire, back in February and thought it was a refreshing perspective in a genre filled with authors who come across like used car salesmen. However, I ran into some difficulty reading Success Talks because the book is a collection of lectures and informal discussions. I got a quarter of the way through the book when I realized that I just wasn't getting anything from the book.
Success Talks by RAJASARASWATHII on Amazon

Don't get me wrong... the subject matter and the wisdom shared in the book aren't what I have issues with, my brain just doesn't comprehend "talks" books. They tend to jump between different subjects, making the flow a bit disjointed, non-cohesive, and difficult for me to follow. I can't in good conscience share an objective review of this book because I don't understand it and I dislike the format.

Heck, I feel so badly about this that I will gift a Kindle copy of Success Talks to the first person who expresses interest in the book. It would be even better if the recipient is willing to provide an honest review of it on Amazon and Goodreads, but it's not required.

The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcroft on Goodreads
Sera was born to fulfill a prophecy. The fate of an entire ancient civilization of mystical Druid Vampires rests on her shoulders, but she has no idea. She’s wandered through countless lifetimes as a vampire, angry, aimless, and alone, with no memories of her mysterious past. Resigned to her tedious immortal existence, Sera’s only comfort comes from the unexplainable connection she feels to the glow of the moon.

But then she meets Alexarchos, an ancient vampire warrior turned modern day billionaire. When he leads her to the truth about herself, she knows her life will never be the same.

Their treacherous journey takes them from a New York City nightclub to the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Each new obstacle they face challenges Sera’s most basic beliefs about herself and makes her confront her deepest fears. But in order to take back what’s hers, ensure her happily ever after with Alexarchos, and fulfill the Serathari Prophecy, Sera will have to transform herself into a hero of mythic proportions; and time is running out.
This is another review for Readers' Favorite, so you'll have to keep an eye out there to see if my review is posted! 

Up Next

Soul Mender by R.S. Dabney on Goodreads
In a wild escape to avoid becoming the sixth victim of the elusive Rocky Mountain Murderer, twenty-two-year-old Riley Dale finds herself flung into a universe parallel to her own, where Las Vegas is known for its churches, terrorist attacks are initiated by the United States, and peace can be found in the darkest corners of the globe.

As the deadly visions that have haunted her since childhood become real, Riley is confronted with the implausible story of a world split in two and the stark contrast between good and evil in people she thought she knew.

Racing deeper into the mystery of the new world, Riley discovers the explosive truth about her ancestors who have been hunted for thousands of years because of a single mistake made long ago.

And now it’s her turn to pay for that blunder.

Pursued by both the government and a clandestine sect of assassins, Riley must ally with the only people in the parallel universe willing to keep her safe—the drug-addicted, prostituting other half of her soul, and the counter soul of a man who tortured and killed five young women.
Besides expensive flea and tick preventatives like Nexgard and Bravecto, have you found other products effective? If so, please let Lexi and I know! If you are interested in Success Talks by Rajasaraswathii, be the first to show interest in the comments and I'll gift it to you through Amazon.

Have a marvelous Monday and a successful week!