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Sunday, October 22, 2017
Update, Miscellany

After a two-week break, Lexi and I are back with a new gameplan that includes a change to the posting schedule and changes to my review policy.


Starting this week, I will share book reviews on Wednesday mornings around 10 CST. If I have a lot of reviews to share, I will also share book reviews on Thursday mornings. I am making this change because I am needed at work on Tuesdays and I usually feel pretty wiped out after my EMDR appointments on Wednesday afternoon. 

Also, starting in November, I will accept "featured title" requests. I'll announce it on social media so you'll know when the form is enabled again. These will be shared on Friday mornings around 10 CST and, on the weeks that I don't have a new title to share with you, I'll be sharing "Flashback Friday" posts with you.

Book Review Policy (in a nutshell)

Since last year, I have literally been inundated with review requests and it has been so overwhelming for me! I have come to realize that I need to set a few boundaries with regard to review requests.

I am not accepting book review requests from authors who:
  • I have not worked with in the past, 
  • I have not met at book conventions,
  • have not been referred to me by authors I've worked with before. 
I will accept book review requests from authors who:
  • I have worked with before, 
  • I have met at book conventions, 
  • authors who have been referred to me by authors I've worked with before. 
If I haven't worked with you before, please mention the convention I met you at or the name of the author who referred you when you email me.

Given the sheer number of emails and direct messages on social media I receive on social media with unsolicited book review requests, I will not be responding to these requests (which is why it's so important to mention the convention you met me at or the author who referred you). I have received pushy, disrespectful, fill-in-the-blank, used-car salesman pitches about books via email and social media. Quite frankly, I'm sick of it. It takes up way too much of my time and energy to respond to these requests in a civil manner; time and energy that should be directed toward helping indie authors who have taken the time to find book bloggers, visit our websites, and figure out if our blogs would be a good fit for our books. 

Don't get me wrong... I've accepted unsolicited book review requests in the past from authors who did their homework, looked at my blog, read a few reviews that I've written for other books in their genres, and decided that we might be a good fit. I appreciate these types of requests and will continue to respond to them because they are respectful, thoughtful, and sincere. 

I really hate having to be so firm about the review policy; however, I'm not charging for my services, I am holding down a job, I am receiving treatment for PTSD (which is so not fun right now), and I really need to take better care of myself (which includes doing other activities that I enjoy). 

I started reviewing books because I loved reading. I still love reading, but I am doing this because of the indie authors who write the books I love. It's their stories that keep me, and this blog, going. You take that away from me, then I'm just another reader who decided to start a book blog for something to do.