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* Featured Title * The Deadly Dreams Box Set by Bella Roccaforte

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Deadly Dreams, Bella Roccaforte, Featured Title, On My Kindle Book Reviews
★★★★★"The perfect blend of darkness and light, fear and happiness, mystery and intrigue; this box set will make you ready to one-click the next book as soon as you read the last page." J. Breedon

Three Book Box Set!
Sketches (Book 0)
Fine Lines (Book 1)
Vanishing Point (Book 2)

Sketches (Deadly Dreams Prequel - Book #0)

Shay Baynes has been fighting for her independence since becoming an adult. Now that she's getting it all together, an unknown power is taking over her life, threatening everything she's worked for.
Get on this urban fantasy roller coaster ride as Shay's mysterious magical power grows. Murder, mystery, danger and intrigue will guide you on Shay's wild ride to becoming no ordinary damsel.

Fine Lines (Deadly Dreams Book #1)

Shay Baynes is living her dream, but it turns out to be a nightmare.

Shay's comic series, Sanguine Specter, based on her nightmares, hits it big. Finally able to feel something other than numbness after the death of her sister and her fiance leaving her, Shay's riding high on her success when her gruesome comics bleed into reality.

The Deadly Dreams series is the perfect blend of urban fantasy, paranormal suspense, horror and a disastrous romance. Embark on this wild ride of twisted dark urban fantasy. Watch as a Shay transforms from someone who needs help, into a strong confident woman with more power than anyone ever imagined.

Can Shay stop the murders in her comics, without becoming a victim?

Vanishing Point (Deadly Dreams Book #2)

Shay's story continues in this dark urban fantasy.

Shay's being accused of multiple murders, and one of her fans is getting too close and the Specter even closer...

Shay wants to break away from everyone smothering her in an attempt to keep them safe. She's now fighting to stay alive, trying to escape the cruel haunted playground the specter has created for her to face Sanguine Specter's real-life victims.

Will Shay's new-found power be enough to stop the Specter and breakout of his twisted realm? Or will Shay be another lost soul in the Specter's world?

What Reviewers Have To Say:

“It explodes into the most exhilarating, pulse pounding, breath taking, heart breaking, scandalizing, scary as Hell, no holds barred love that completely shatters and leaves you unnerved for days. That, is this book. It is THAT amazing!” ~ZombieMommi

“Roccaforte is focused on witty dialogue and uniquely personal narration. I smiled through a lot of the caustic dialogue.” ~ Author - Nicholas Wilson
The Deadly Dreams Box Set on Amazon

Genre: Fantasy, Urban, Paranormal
Format: eBook
Publication Date: May 12, 2015

I recently met Bella Roccaforte at the Ozarks Indie Bookfest where I discovered that she's offering The Deadly Dreams Box Set for free! Since OIBF happened last weekend, I haven't had a chance to read any of these books yet; however, I'm a sucker for strong female protagonists who bite, claw and fight their way to the top. I wanted to share this offer with you because I plan on reading and reviewing these books in the near future! Well... At least as soon as I'm able to.

About Bella Roccaforte

Bella Roccaforte, The Deadly Dreams Series, Featured Title
Bella Roccaforte, author. Courtesy of Facebook.
I have been many places and done many amazing things. My motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live. Life won’t come to you!

Writing is just one of my passions that I’m lucky enough to be able to express. I also love music, reading other people’s books, but most of all spending time with my kiddos.

The characters in INK are very near and dear to my heart. Some are very closely fashioned after real people in the real world. Many of the experiences that Shay has had actually happened, of course there haven’t been any murders – oh wait there were but not like in the book. That’s a whole other series!

INK is currently slated to be a 6 book series (0-5). I hope that you enjoy INK: Fine Lines and fall in love with Aiden and Eli just like I did!

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