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Marvelous Monday

Monday, October 2, 2017
#MarvelousMonday, Lexi Rowell, photo of Lexi taken by Charity Rowell

Lexi and I are trying to adapt to my new schedule at the shoe store, but last week was pretty rough on us.

Last week, I was working up to nine hours a day helping to set up a store. However, all of our hard work paid off when we had our grand opening this past Friday. I found out that I was the third pick to be "key holder," otherwise known as an assistant manager, but I'm not a key holder now because the store currently only needs two. As a consolation, I was given a choice on what position I preferred, salesperson or cashier, and I chose cashier.

I'm not disappointed that I wasn't chosen to be a key holder; I'm not really in a place emotionally or mentally where I'd be comfortable with the position. It is something that I'd like to work towards but, with my customer service background, I'm content being the cashier for the time being. I'm cautiously optimistic about working at the shoe store and I am enjoying the job as well as the people I am working with.

The end of September marked the one-year anniversary of Lexi's adoption. We both have come a long way and I'm learning more about her with each passing day. Mike and I both noticed that Lexi's itchiness seems to have increased with the changing of the seasons. At first I was worried about fleas; however, I remembered how itchy she was last year. After observing her and trying out a couple of theories, we think the itchiness stems from dry skin. I've been using a tiny bit of natural Moroccan oil on her and it seems to help and, after extensive research, I will be buying some extra virgin coconut oil to use topically and as a food additive to see if that helps her skin.

With the hours I've been putting in lately, it's been difficult finding the time to read. It looks like I will need to cut myself back to one review a week, at least until all of the scheduling kinks are worked out at the shoe store. Honestly, I don't find dealing with customers draining; however, I'm not used to the interpersonal interactions with co-workers and I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by my co-workers' varied (and interesting) personalities. I'm also having some trouble sleeping since my dreams have become more frequent and active. It's completely normal, at least for me, and it's my way of processing the changes in my schedule and dealing with all of the new people I'm interacting with daily. I will eventually adapt and will have more energy to do the things I enjoy.

I will also be going to my first EMDR therapy session this week, so I'm really excited about the potential for positive change in my life! But enough about what's going on with me...

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Eclipse: Shadows of Eprus by Meredith Cole on Goodreads
Eprus is the medieval fantasy world of Eclipse. In this world, the capitol, Leydford, is home to the Elite School, where warriors are brought up from infancy and trained. At 16 years of age, the young warriors (or Elites Squires, as they are called) are given a series of rigorous tests which, if they pass, will lead to being knighted an Elite of the King. Eclipse is the story of three Elite Squires; a young woman by the name of Nyla Fleetwood, her beloved, Soren Rainey, and their closest friend and ally, Kieran Evans. Their lives drastically change after Nyla's tests are sabotaged and she leaves the Elite School forever. However, Soren and Kieran pass, forcing them to remain and be knighted as Elites. Nearly a year later, Nyla stumbles upon a sleepy little village called Wyndmere. The town is little more than a history book and the people who inhabit it are easily frightened and stirred up; they don't take kindly to strangers, either. But Nyla meets and makes friends with Gracie Randall, the owner of Wyndmere's only inn. Things seem to be going well enough... That is until she stumbles upon the town's darkest secret. Two weeks afterwards, Soren and Kieran are commissioned by the King of Eprus. Their mission? To discover the origins of the fire that burned down Castle Wyndmere.

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Song of Sirens by Zara Steen on Goodreads
Everything changed when The Depths attacked. Now Anya and Merrick are caught between who they want to be and what they must become. Warrior and Sealatian mermaids are on the rise, uniting for the common cause of protecting Atlantis. Yet Anya remains cautious, there's more to this story than what Forica and Baye are willing to confess. Can she trust Zale and the rest of them?
After I featured the first two books of The Mercrutian Chronicles by Zara Steen on a Flashback Friday post, Zara reached out to me and asked if I'd like to review the third book in the series, and I was thrilled to accept! I've been looking forward to reading it since then, and I'm happy that it has finally found its way to the top of my queue!

Since I'm not going to be home at 2:00 in the afternoon, except on my days off, my posting schedule is going to fluctuate until I find a good time for me to post. Please bear with me while I try to figure it out.

So... To those of you who have furbabies who experience dry, itchy skin this time of year; what do you use to help your furbaby? Please let me know in the comments.

Have a marvelous Monday and an amazing week!

Marvelous Monday, October 2