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Marvelous Monday

Monday, October 30, 2017
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I was taking multiple pictures of Lexi last night for this week's Marvelous Monday post, and one of the pictures I took happened to catch her while she was licking her bed. It's rare for me to get a clear picture of her when she's licking so I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Speaking of Lexi, I was able to get a trimmer and I trimmed her a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, while Lexi and Mike were walking around the parking lot while waiting for me to get out of work, Mike met a lady who has owned several Maltese dogs in the past. She complimented Lexi's cut and asked Mike who her groomer is and Mike told her that I had trimmed her. Personally, I don't think I did that great of a job; however, it is looking cuter as it grows out and the small patch on her head that I accidentally trimmed way too short is not so noticeable since the hair around it has grown out. Lexi is going to see her groomer, Miss Ashley, in a couple of weeks and I'm not looking forward to the discussion we'll have with Ashley about Lexi's comb-over.

It's okay to snicker... I was shocked for the first few seconds after it happened, then Mike and I started snickering about it.

All snickering aside, Mike and the lady in the parking lot had a nice discussion and he found out several things about Lexi. First, Lexi's paw licking comes from a grass allergy and the instinct to lick in order to prevent split ends from the hair on her legs growing out. She suggested keeping Lexi on the Benadryl since the stronger stuff is expensive and will make Lexi incredibly drowsy. Second, Maltese dogs need plenty of oil and fiber in their diets and she uses a powder additive twice weekly to provide the oils and fiber her dogs need. She was surprised when Mike told her we add coconut oil to Lexi's diet about twice weekly and even more surprised when Mike suggested adding pumpkin for fiber, rather than the more expensive doggie "Metamucil."

It's nice to have some sort of confirmation that I'm doing right by Lexi. I probably fuss and worry way too over her but it's worth it to see her run towards me when she and Mike pick me up from work.

Currently Reading

The saga of finding enough time to read all of the books I've promised to read and review continues; however, I'd like to think I'm getting the hang of balancing work, life, other hobbies, and reading.

Molten Dusk by Karissa Laurel on Goodreads
While recovering from a devastating betrayal, Solina becomes increasingly drawn to Thorin as he helps her hunt down Skoll, the mythical wolf who vowed to kill her. If she can find and destroy the beast, she’ll bring a swift and brutal end to her enemies’ schemes. But nothing ever goes as planned in Solina’s strange new world.

During her search for Skoll, Solina uncovers a plot to unleash a battalion of legendary soldiers and launch an apocalyptic war. Before she and her allies can locate the fabled army, several ghosts from her past return to haunt her. Solina must fight for life and the fate of the world, or her hopes for love and a peaceful future will go up in flames.

Up Next

Novice by Meghan McDonnell

What are your plans for Halloween? I'll be working at the shoe store until 6:00 and then I'll probably chill out at home with a good book.

Have a marvelous Monday and a spooktacular week!

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