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On My Kindle Update

Monday, October 9, 2017
Update, On My Kindle Book Reviews

It's already Monday and I don't have my usual Marvelous Monday post written! I also don't have a review to share with you this week.

Between the new job and starting EMDR, life has been pretty hectic here at On My Kindle. I thought that my life would be on an even keel by now; however, it isn't happening. This means that I need to take a week or two to regroup and come up with a new plan of attack when it comes to reading and writing reviews.

Upon my return, I'm planning on reviving Flashback Fridays and eventually phasing in some Featured Title posts as well. Lexi and I will also have a new posting schedule planned along with some ideas to revise my existing review policy. I've been working with a few small PR agencies, Readers' Favorite, and Netgalley at lot lately. I plan on introducing you to new authors and books through these agencies and through my Featured Title posts, rather than being open to review requests from new authors.

No worries, though... If you're an author who I've worked with before, an author I've met at a convention, or an author who was referred to me by an author I've worked with before; I'll be happy to review your books.

I'll have more information for you upon my return. Until then, take care!